Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Recently we visited the Isle of Wight.

This was our first visit this year and we had built up a list of places to visit and shot we wanted to try and get.

The as it turned out, the weather was nice, although rain did threaten to make it difficult for us.

We visited Ventnor and walked all along the coast, finding some interesting bays, passing through Steephill Cove and ending up at Orchard Bay!

We had planned to try and get some sunset images and a beach called Woody Bay. However, we didn’t know how to get to it. With a little driving and following a map, as close as you can when looking for footpath signs, we eventually found a sign to the bay. Heading across the fields and down on the beach, we’d made it! Now we realised that it was the wrong time of year for sunsets in that bay! Anyway, it was still very picturesque and I got a few lovely images.

For the sunset we went to St Catherines, and ended up waiting 30mins for it to set! We were early! The sky was dramatic and we watched the rain pass us by, only having to huddle over the cameras once!

Here are a couple of images from the day.

Steephill Cove

Steephill Cove (HDR)

Orchard Bay

Orchard Bay (HDR)

Woody Bay

Woody Bay II (HDR)

St Catherines

Catherines Fiery Skies

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