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New Bird Species

New Bird Species

Another new species has been discovered, this time a bird. I find it great everytime a new species is discovered. Its good to know there are still species out there that are still unknown to science.

This time it’s a small bird discovered in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh.

The Cambodian tailorbird (Orthotomus chaktomuk), as it has been named, was first spotted in 2009. Tailorbirds are in the warbler family, and get their name from the meticulous preparation of their nests, weaving leaves together.

From detailed tests – from the birds’ plumage to their songs and their genes – it has shown that O. chaktomuk is in fact a separate, new species.

Because of the small and shrinking nature of the birds’ habitat, it has recommended that the bird is listed as “Near Threatened” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List.

There have been other discoverys of other new birds species in recent years aswell. In 2008 a new Warbler was discovered in Vietnam and in 2006

and very rare bird was discovered in India, only 14 were known to exist.

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info & images from bbc site.

New Species

New Species

46 New Wierd and Wonderful Species have been discovered by a Scientific team exploring a tiny South American country. The expedition was to the pristine tropical forests of Suriname. full story on BBC Website

click on the image to view more on the BBC website

New Frog Species

New Frog Species

I like these sort of stories.

Apparently, scientists, whilst searching for frog that are believed to have been extinct, have found 3 new species.

Found in Colombia, they are the Poison Secreting Rocket Frog, and 2 new toad species, one with red eyes and one with a beak shaped head.

Sadly, the species that the exhibition set out to find still eluded them.

Saying that, exhibitions similar to this have been done in 19 countries around the world looking for 100 different species and have so far discovered 3 of them.  One, a mexican salamander had not been seen since 1941.

A New Species of Big Cat!

A New Species of Big Cat!

I have just heard about this on BBC Worlds news, and all I can say is wow!

In this age of the decline of Big Cats it is incredible to hear that a new species has been found and one of the most unusual and I think nicest of all big cats.

It a new species of Clouded Leopard.

This BBC article expains it in more details.  One thing I noticed on the news was the normal Leopard spots on it, which the normal Clouded Leopard doesn’t have.  These pictures show it quite clearly.

What makes the Clouded Leopard even more specials is that they are more closely related to the prehistoric sabre tooth than they are to the Leopard of day.

These are my photos of the mainland Clouded Leopard Santago Loepard Project