An Amazing Compliment

An Amazing Compliment

Yesterday I was on my Flickr page checking to see if I had any new comments, when I found this on my Crumbling Venice image.

Crumbling Venice

“Hi Lee…..that is one amazing shot….i just had to sit and soak in awe of how captivating it is to the eye! You are amazingly creative and have captured multitudes of stunning shots! Textures, DOF, color…they are all breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your incredible gift of creativity and talent…perusing through your photo stream is the pause that refreshes! I hope you never tire of hearing the “Wow” about your work….I am sure people don’t tire in saying it! Grateful for the walk through your masterpieces!! I”

Wow,  this was amazing and it made my day!  I’ve had a lot of great and nice comments on my images over the years, but I think this one has to be one of the top!

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  1. Recognition well deserved Lee, we echo your admirer’s words. Your photography is certainly incredible and brings joy to a lot of people,we’re sure of that. Keep up the good work.

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