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More Wine Bottles

More Wine Bottles

So, as I said last year, I’ve been a bit lax on my blogs posts and it would seem the same has happened again so far this year. Maybe it’s a good thing, too busy to write posts?…

Anyway, to round off last year, I’d been photographing Wine & Gin bottles and the last studio shoot of the year was another product shot of a new wine.

This is another ‘classic’ product on a white background, perfect for just showing off the bottle of wine with no distractions.

If you sell products, why not give me a call for a free quotation to photograph your products.

Gin Gift Hampers

Gin Gift Hampers

A couple of weeks after my Gin Product Photos I got another call from Gotland Gin. Was I free to do another shoot for them and how quick could I get them done. Ideally 4 days!

Ok, I was luckily in-between jobs and they delivered the items that day, on the Saturday. So, Sunday morning I set to. Gotland Gin wanted to show off the new hampers but also their eco packaging.

First up was just the single bottles of Gin in a festive style.

When I create product photos with props, I also like to vary the photo a little bit but keep it in the same style. It makes for a nicer presentation on the customer webpages.

In this a movement of the props, but I also created unique snowflakes for each photo.

Next up, the hampers..

The wood shavings went everywhere 🙂

Then the big one… So many items, what a lovely hamper!

Finally some smaller gin selection boxes.

This time I actual kept the setup the same and the products themselves made enough of a change.

Finally, the triple pack. I slight change the the background and using the lovely Gotland Gin ribbon.

So, if you have products that require photos for your website or social media, be it standard or festive, please get in touch for a free non-obligation quote.

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

As I mentioned in my last post, I just haven’t really posted much in my blog this year and I promised to try and improve.

So what Have I been up to. Well earlier in the year (March actually) I was contacted by a local lady in our village who had set-up a new business during lockdown in 2020. She was making homemade bath bombs and wanted some photographed. How could I refuse. A few days later a box of bath bombs appeared on my doorstep.

After bring the bath bombs into the studio and setting up for a standard product photo I started placing the product in position. Wow, the smell…. lovely….

Now, this was the challenge, a white bath bomb on a white background, not something I’d had to photograph before.

I started with a shape that had some definition to it. An Octopus!

This photographed well so I worked through the different shapes and then selected the ball shaped bath bomb.

and finally an item with a bit of colour.

This final job was the cleanup, these bath bomb as you can imagine are very delicate and crumbly. They shed bit very easily and with clearing the shooting area between each shot it had created a nice pile of lovely smelly crumbs on the background area and on the floor!

Wine Bottle Products

Wine Bottle Products

Over the past few years, I’ve been taking photos for a local vineyard. (See Life of a Grape link below).

I spent a year photographing the key stages of the work process, from the initial pruning of the last years vines, through to harvesting and bottling.

Then, of course, the all important bottles shots.

I’ve taken some nice on location images,

plus standard products shots.

I’ve varied the style over the years based on requirements and needs for that photo.

The first photos were full product images, inline with an existing lighting style of past photos.

I’ve also taken some more ‘interesting’ photos with coloured background to match the bottle labels.

This year a new wine was produced. This came in a different style bottle and was sparkling. So I used a different setup to show off the colour…

and the bubbles, by adding to glasses to the shoot.

The latest wine, I was asked again to show the colour, so I used the same lighting, but on a normal bottle.

If you run a vineyard and would like a free quotation for some product photos, process photos or a ‘Year in a Vineyard’ shoot, please contact me using the link in the Commercial Work page below.

Old Cameras

Old Cameras

So, following on from my bottles I decided to photograph some old cameras.

I love old cameras and have a couple myself, but I wanted to created some product style photos but, just straight forward shots on a white back. So nothing fancy to make the photo look old, just clean cut.

I started with an oldie.

and worked my way through the years, this one from the 50s

60s or 70s I believe

then, my first ever camera

right up to a modern day DSLR (albeit a few years old now)

I wanted a low angle on the cameras to make them stand out a bit. I did change the angle a bit on the SLR, but prefer the others.

This is a very simple setup and one I can teach anyone who wanted to take a product style shot. Very quick to do and requires virtually no post editing either.