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Where Did August Go!?

Where Did August Go!?

Hmm, for the first time, I think, I’ve actually missed a month and have blogged anything. Strange thing is, I thought I had. July and August have been such busy months, that it not surprising.

So, just as a quick entry I thought I’d post a photo that I took at the BMRC Auto Historica event that we attended last Sunday. I knew there was going to be a low past from the BBMF, but I forgot to take my big lens!

As it happened, the Lancaster & Hurricane flew over so low, that I didnt need it. This shot was taken at 75mm.

A Low Flypast

In Search of Steam

In Search of Steam

The other week we had planned to go in search of steam engines, but we found out that our plans were foiled by a lack of babysitters, but today we were sorted!

The day started off foggy, which meant there would be some nice steam coming from the engines if we could find them! We got to Alresford and headed to the station. The platform was busy, the sign said trains at 11:45, it was 11:50! I heard the platform master say the train had stawled, how does a steam train stawl? and it was being towed by the other and they didn’t know how long it would be.

So, armed with the informtion that we had some time, we headed off to find a better view point along the track. Following train tracks is not easy and alway possible, so walking pararrel to the track along the road I kept an ear open for the train and an eye open for a footpath.

30 minutes later I found a footpath around the edge of a farmers field, just past a bridge that the track went over. We found the track! I could see the signal too and noted it was in the stop position. We waited… 15 mintues later the signal changed, 5 minutes after that the train came by!

I braced myself and took photos until the buffer filled up. We then headed off for something to eat with the knowledge that we had some photos and hoped they were good.

Here is one I have processed and am showing it in a mousemat! I’m very pleased with the result!

Steam Train on the Watercress Line
Steam Train on the Watercress Line



Nat’s been busy again designing friends and link banners for Home Front History.

I designed a link to us page that shows all the link and the code that people who wish to link to can do so easily just by copying the code.

There is a range of banners from small 150px wide to nice pictorial banners at 500px. We have also included retina display version for people who are starting to use retina images on their site, like me!

Here are a couple of the pictorial banners that Nat ( designed. They also incorporated some of my images!!

Waiting for the Cat

Waiting for the Cat

During the week we did a day trip to the Isle of Wight.  Getting there we were delayed a few times by traffic and Portmouth was very very busy. I put it down to the holidays, but as you’ll see it was more than that.

We got to the Catamaran port in time to catch our second choice of crossing time, having missed the first, only to see that the second time was not running. Apparently it was a bank holiday time! But this is a school holiday, so why not as well?

Anyway, I wasn’t worried and headed back out side with camera in hand to photograph the fishing boat I saw on the way in. I love fishing boats, but have never really got a good photo, until now.


When I headed towards HMS Warrior and saw a Navy Ship coming in. This was the cause of all the traffic!! HMS Dauntless was coming home after its maiden voyage.

HMS Dauntless

After that I took my photo of HMS Warrior.

When we finally got to the Isle of Wight, we all had a pleasant time walking along the Ryde sea front and I photo the beach in the low light of the sun.

Ryde Beach

We all have a very lovely day.

What a busy month!

What a busy month!

Wow, what a busy month. Its been so busy, that I havent had time to write a single blog post this month. Not good!

The month started with my whole website being moved to a new hostng company, as my existing hosting people were moving were they bought their hosting from. To cut a long story short, the new hosting couldnt cope with my site, so I had to move it all again. Thats 2 blogs, 5 websites moved twice in 2 weeks! Not ideal.

Anyway, that is now all behind me and we are with a different company that hosts our other sites too!

Other things, well I’ve been coding another website for Natart Photography. ( This has been built from the ground up to work on PC and tablet platforms aswell as mobile devices. It was nice not to retro fit like I keep doing with this site.

I’ve also tweaked this blog again, and added more links done the side.

We have also done 2 photo shoots, hmm, 3 photo shoots in the last month. One for and one for the BRiSC2012 conference in Reading. We also did a photo shoot of our kids to get more photos for are websites.

I thought aswell I’d add a couple of new photo to my website, so here they are, and thanks for reading!

Amur Tiger

Snowy Owl


Another Instagram’d HDR

Another Instagram’d HDR

When I went to the War & Peace show, I took many images. A few weeks ago I thought I’d try an experiment with one of the photos.

Firstly I’d created my HDR image, then I thought I’d send it to my phone and run it through Instagram. Instagram has some great filters, and its so easy to use, but it does have one major draw back. Your resulting image ends back being a lot smaller in resolution size. The final image is then only really good for web or printing small.

However the result was really good and even with the resolution being less then the original it is still good enough for coaster. Of course Instagram images are square too!

Here was the result

I posted it to Flickr, and it seemed to be instantly like.

Last week a created a second. I think I’ll create a set for use in my coasters.


Airshow from the Hill

Airshow from the Hill

I gave it a lot of thought, but decided that this time I would skip going to the airshow. This was partially to do with the weather, but also the cost. The ticket prices had gone up again.
So when a neighbour said they where walking to the otherside of the hill we live on, to watch if from there, I thought I’d join him.

It was great to see all the airfield below with some great cloud background. I thought I’d go for more scene and dramatic shots instead of the usual close aircraft images. This was mainly due to the fact the only aircraft that come low over the hill were the Red Arrows and Lancaster.

So here is hte first of the shots from Yesterday.
Airshow from the Hill

Ahh, Venice…

Ahh, Venice…

Ahh, Venice
How I miss you,
Your crumbing walls,
Your vivid colours,
Canals so green,
Buildings so bright,
Bridges to islands,
Islands to bridges,
Alleyways to squares
and doors to nowhere.*

* (C) Lee Orchard