Photos Revisited

Photos Revisited

One advantage of having so many photo (about 100k) is that you always have something to revisit or reprocess. This week I’ve taken a look at a few photos I took back in 2009, 10 years ago.

It wasn’t long after I’d started shoot RAW, so many are unprocessed, and some I now feel I could improve on the processing.

I’ve been looking at some landscape photos, and 2 locals on one trip that myself and my then wife to be and done. It was too the lovely Isle or Wight. We’d visited Totland Bay in the evening and taken some long exposure photos against a lovely sunset.

Now, long exposure photography is something I really don’t do much, but these looked quite interesting, so I gave the processing another go.

The subtle colours in this image were amazing, and with a little processing, they nicely emerged.

The second image I took a look at, concentrated more on the sky and the lovely crescent moon that was in the sky. I think actually, it was taken before the other photo.

I then looked at photos from an amazing poppy field that happened to be out in Bembridge, near the fort.

I’ve processed these with a slightly ‘flat’ effect to give it a slight old feel to it. Not sure why, I just liked the result. It maybe in a few years time and don’t like it and change it again. The advantage of RAW.

The final image I’ve worked on, so far, was a portrait version with a bit of sky.

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