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Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

Last month I did a maternity photoshoot. I’d had an offer on and a lady at 39 weeks contacted me requesting a shoot that week.

I’ve done many maternity shoots over the years, but obviously none in the last 2.5 years and this was my first big shoot in about the same time frame too. So, understandable I was a little apprehensive about getting back in the studio.

I needn’t have been, everything came back to me very quickly and we started the shoot with my usual low key styled images.

This mum to be was really interested in my material images, many are, so after a range of shots we moved on to these covering my normal styles.

and then some draped versions with mottled backdrops.

We also shoot with some lovely lace.

I wanted to try a couple of new things with the materials and created some nice stretched wrap images.

If you live in Devon and are expecting, please give me a call. I often have offers on for my maternity shoots and if not, they are still a good deal.

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

I’ve been quiet once again on my blog, but I’ve had a good excuse.

For I while now I’ve wondered about my maternity photography section on this website. Whilst there is nothing wrong with it, it amongst everything else I do. I’m not sure if that would put some people off, seeing maternity photography on a website with wildlife and aircraft photos.

So, to that end I’ve created a dedicated website! It contains more information related to maternity photography, a selection of the beautiful photos in the galleries, and information about the shoots themselves.

It is call www.LeoMaternity.co.uk

I will of course leave the maternity section on this website, as not everyone will find the exclusive site, but I hope the new site will give a more relevant look for future Mums-to-be finding my website.

Valentines Maternity Review

Valentines Maternity Review

It’s Valentines Day, Happy Valentines! and what better day to review a few past Maternity Photoshoots.

I’ve been doing these types of shoots now for many years and they are one of my favourite types of shoots to do. Partially because I have 3 kids, and enjoyed shooting our own maternity shoot and partially because I get to combine my 2 main styles and create lovely shots with floating materials.

My maternity shoots are a combination of black and white images and colourful materials.

As it’s Valentines Day, let’s start with a classic black and white image. This one shows both Mum and Dad to be with a classic hand Heart pose.

or another classic low key colour side lit image.

I like black and white photos, I think they create some lovely images with great lighting and I love my material wraps. So here an image combining both.

Saying that, you just can’t beat colour and my wrap really adds colour! Here is one, a lovely golden orange wrap, taken on a dark background.

Just a simple draping of the wrap creates a love image.

I have lots of wraps, so you can choose your favourite colour and have a lovely floating wrap photo, or go for a classic blue or pink.

Or some with a bit of punch!

It doesn’t have to be on black either to have an impact. If you prefer something slightly soft but still impressive, it can be shot on white with a slight colour added to the background but still in a classic pink…

…or again something a little brighter!

I have so many variations on these styles to choose from to put in this post. If this is something that interests you, please visit my Maternity pages to have a browse, oh and Happy Valentines!

Lee Orchard
North Devon Maternity Photographer

Another Maternity Shoot

Another Maternity Shoot

A couple of weeks ago and completed a maternity for a couple who are expecting their first baby in 6 weeks. From that, I was lucky enough to get an immediate recommendation and so another booking.

This photo shoot took place yesterday, on Valentines day, so I included pink and deep red wraps and lots of silk rose petals. This made for some lovely different types of maternity photos. We also had a small heart with Love on it and a bigger wooden heart on which we will do something creative with.

So all thats left now if to finish the processing and show the couple their photos.

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

At the end of January, I did a maternity shoot. I had lots of ideas to try out, as did the expecting parents!

We started with some standard shots and progressed to more creative photos.

We spent about 2 hours, trying lots of different poses, and creative wrap composites.

The final images of both the mum and dad to be are lovely.