Waiting for the Cat

Waiting for the Cat

During the week we did a day trip to the Isle of Wight.  Getting there we were delayed a few times by traffic and Portmouth was very very busy. I put it down to the holidays, but as you’ll see it was more than that.

We got to the Catamaran port in time to catch our second choice of crossing time, having missed the first, only to see that the second time was not running. Apparently it was a bank holiday time! But this is a school holiday, so why not as well?

Anyway, I wasn’t worried and headed back out side with camera in hand to photograph the fishing boat I saw on the way in. I love fishing boats, but have never really got a good photo, until now.


When I headed towards HMS Warrior and saw a Navy Ship coming in. This was the cause of all the traffic!! HMS Dauntless was coming home after its maiden voyage.

HMS Dauntless

After that I took my photo of HMS Warrior.

When we finally got to the Isle of Wight, we all had a pleasant time walking along the Ryde sea front and I photo the beach in the low light of the sun.

Ryde Beach

We all have a very lovely day.

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