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More Wine Bottles

More Wine Bottles

So, as I said last year, I’ve been a bit lax on my blogs posts and it would seem the same has happened again so far this year. Maybe it’s a good thing, too busy to write posts?…

Anyway, to round off last year, I’d been photographing Wine & Gin bottles and the last studio shoot of the year was another product shot of a new wine.

This is another ‘classic’ product on a white background, perfect for just showing off the bottle of wine with no distractions.

If you sell products, why not give me a call for a free quotation to photograph your products.

Gin Gift Hampers

Gin Gift Hampers

A couple of weeks after my Gin Product Photos I got another call from Gotland Gin. Was I free to do another shoot for them and how quick could I get them done. Ideally 4 days!

Ok, I was luckily in-between jobs and they delivered the items that day, on the Saturday. So, Sunday morning I set to. Gotland Gin wanted to show off the new hampers but also their eco packaging.

First up was just the single bottles of Gin in a festive style.

When I create product photos with props, I also like to vary the photo a little bit but keep it in the same style. It makes for a nicer presentation on the customer webpages.

In this a movement of the props, but I also created unique snowflakes for each photo.

Next up, the hampers..

The wood shavings went everywhere 🙂

Then the big one… So many items, what a lovely hamper!

Finally some smaller gin selection boxes.

This time I actual kept the setup the same and the products themselves made enough of a change.

Finally, the triple pack. I slight change the the background and using the lovely Gotland Gin ribbon.

So, if you have products that require photos for your website or social media, be it standard or festive, please get in touch for a free non-obligation quote.

Gin Product Photos

Gin Product Photos

As mentioned in previous post, I seem to have shot a lot of Bottle Product photos this year. This is good. Any product photos is good, it’s also covid friendly!

In November, I was contacted buy a local Gin Distillery, Gotland Gin. They are just a few miles down the road. I had contact them during lockdown 2020, but they didn’t need any product photo then. However that had now changed with a new Cloudberry Gin.

They had different size bottles that they want photos of.

and they also wanted some cloudberries in the shot too!

They also asked for something creative and had liked some of my Water Splash Challenge Photos I’d taken during lockdown in 2020.

So, I created them a photo with the fruit they recommend for their Gin.

Next up, Festive Product photos.

Product Bottle Photos

Product Bottle Photos

In July, (still catching up on old posts) I did some updated Product photos for Torview Wines. Here is one of the Wine Bottle Product shots. I won’t post them all as there are more to come in another post soon!

This is a standard product photo with a front/side lit highlight. Simple but effective product photo.

If you run a business that requires product photos, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements

Wine Bottle Products

Wine Bottle Products

Over the past few years, I’ve been taking photos for a local vineyard. (See Life of a Grape link below).

I spent a year photographing the key stages of the work process, from the initial pruning of the last years vines, through to harvesting and bottling.

Then, of course, the all important bottles shots.

I’ve taken some nice on location images,

plus standard products shots.

I’ve varied the style over the years based on requirements and needs for that photo.

The first photos were full product images, inline with an existing lighting style of past photos.

I’ve also taken some more ‘interesting’ photos with coloured background to match the bottle labels.

This year a new wine was produced. This came in a different style bottle and was sparkling. So I used a different setup to show off the colour…

and the bubbles, by adding to glasses to the shoot.

The latest wine, I was asked again to show the colour, so I used the same lighting, but on a normal bottle.

If you run a vineyard and would like a free quotation for some product photos, process photos or a ‘Year in a Vineyard’ shoot, please contact me using the link in the Commercial Work page below.

LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 4 – Bottles & Cans

LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 4 – Bottles & Cans

Wow, week 4 already of my Covid19 Photo Challenge. I hope it is keeping you busy and testing your photography skills.

So, this week is Bottles and Cans. How you choose to photograph them is up to you.

I’ve made a start on Bottles and even incorporated some of my Water Challenge photos into them as well.

I then tried a different way of photographing bottles. Learning something new.

And tried a similar method on a clear bottle with white background.

Now, I’ve photographed some Cans

and I couldn’t resist adding in some water!

I had great fun working on all of these, now it’s your turn.

Happy shooting and remember to use the hashtag #lopcvphotochallenge

Past challenges and results can be viewed here.

Colourful Bottle Photos

Colourful Bottle Photos

I shot some product photos last year for Torview Wines of their wine bottles. These were standard product images on a white background. I wanted to reshoot them and try something a bit more interesting.

I planned to shoot them on a great background this time, but a wanted to add some colour to them.

I didn’t have time to shoot all 3 bottles, so just did 2 along with the colour processing.

First up, the Dornfelder.

Second, the Rondo

If I get a chance, I’ll shot the last one.

Photographing Bottles

Photographing Bottles

Sometimes when tutoring you get asked about a specific thing a bit more unusual than normal. This happened today.

Whilst doing a Lightroom session we were discussing past studio work that I had helped out with and the current products that were being photographed were bottles. To be precise, bottles of wine for a large supermarket chain!

I had photographed bottle products before but couldn’t quite remember my setup, so a quick bit of research and also adjusting for the fact that we weren’t in a studio, we set up the light and made some minor adjustments to how it could work and took some shots. They came out well and we wound up the session and I headed home.

I wanted to give it ago in my studio when I got home, so I setup 3 lights. 1 large octagon light as the back light and 2 rectangular soft boxes, one on each side.

I took 6 photos and selected the last couple to show. From starting to set up the lights to final photo was no longer than 20mins and this photos are straight out the camera with just a crop and minor highlight tweak in Lightroom. They are not cutout so the small block at the bottom is a toy brick and is what the bottle was perched on! If this was a ‘proper’ shoot, I would have edited out the wooden block!

The first photo is with both sidelight vertically positioned, creating 2 lines down the bottle.

The next image is with the right light rotated through 90 degrees, this makes a light instead of a strip.

My soft boxes also have a grid in them and this is shown in the highlight on the bottle.

I am not a great wine drinker, so the first bottle I found, was in fact one I had kept for photographing at some point. I was then going to find a wine bottle and try that and remove the grids, but my studio got taken over by Nat, photographing other bits so the other bottle shots will have to follow later.

I think there is some improvement to be made on this so will have another go and show the results too.