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New Big Cat Images

New Big Cat Images

I have now started to upload some new Big Cats photos from the photographic day on bank holiday Monday at the Cat Survival Trust.

Here is a teaser

To see more and follow what new ones I might add, please view the Big Cat Gallery, oh, and they are all now retina quality images for the iPad.

I have also made a change that allows the image to be bigger if you have a large screen. That was one of the first changes I made of buying the large screen mac!

What a busy month!

What a busy month!

Wow, what a busy month. Its been so busy, that I havent had time to write a single blog post this month. Not good!

The month started with my whole website being moved to a new hostng company, as my existing hosting people were moving were they bought their hosting from. To cut a long story short, the new hosting couldnt cope with my site, so I had to move it all again. Thats 2 blogs, 5 websites moved twice in 2 weeks! Not ideal.

Anyway, that is now all behind me and we are with a different company that hosts our other sites too!

Other things, well I’ve been coding another website for Natart Photography. (natartphotography.com) This has been built from the ground up to work on PC and tablet platforms aswell as mobile devices. It was nice not to retro fit like I keep doing with this site.

I’ve also tweaked this blog again, and added more links done the side.

We have also done 2 photo shoots, hmm, 3 photo shoots in the last month. One for McCarthysCountryStore.co.uk and one for the BRiSC2012 conference in Reading. We also did a photo shoot of our kids to get more photos for are websites.

I thought aswell I’d add a couple of new photo to my website, so here they are, and thanks for reading!

Amur Tiger

Snowy Owl


Another Very Rare Cat

Another Very Rare Cat

The Iberian Lynx, is now said to be the world rarest cat.  I was surprised as the Amur Leopard was, with only about 35 in the wild, where as in 2005 there were 150 Lynx and now nearly 300.  So for me, these figures just dont add up.  On On more investigation is seems to say it is the rarest cat species.

Unusually, these animals are not in some far flung land like, China, or Siberia but actually on our door step.  They live just a short trip away in Portugal and Spain!

The usual issues are to blame for its decline, habitat loss, poaching and disease outbreak in its food chain.

It looks like the measures they are putting in place has increased its numbers, but considering the numbers were at 5000 in the sixes, they have a long way to go.  Other options are translocation to different areas to combat any environmental changes that are happening.

I dont have any images of it unfortunately, so you have to look at it on Wikipedia

It seems that there is a re-introduction program of Amur Leoapard from captive cubs happening in Russia to create a secondary population in a nature reserve.

Alas no Amur

Alas no Amur

Yesterday we planned to go to Marwell Zoo, in the slim chance of seeing the young Amur Leopard Cub.

Despite managing to avoid the rain shower and at some points get some nice sunny weather, we did not see the young Leopard. I think there were a couple of keen photographers ‘camped out’ out the from the viewing area, as each of the 3 times we looked, there they were still staring at the den that the cub was hidden in. I’m keen, but not that keen!

So, we walked around the rest of the zoo avoiding the rain.

These are a couple of the results!





We ended up with 100’s of images!  So hopefully there we be 1 or 2 that can be used!