Last weekend we had planned to visit Prague.

Not being to sure of the weather we took clothes for cooler weather too. As it happened, Saturday and Sunday were quite hot, and nice sunny weather. This is great for walking around in t-shirts, but it does mean your photos have a clear blue sky, which isnt always what you want.

Saying that the sun does light up the buildings nicely in the evening giving a lovely glow. We explored all around Prague and also visited Kutna Hora and the Ossuary “Church of Bones”.

Here are just a couple of images from Prague Old Town that I have sorted out so far.

This is the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square, taken on our first evening. Of course, its one of the first things you head for when you are in Prague!

Prague Clock (HDR)

As you can see the weather changed as predicted on the last day, but it really makes for a dramatic image.

Dancing Building (HDR)

This is the Fred and Ginger, or Dancing Building. It was pretty wet and we had to wait ages on a small island in the middle of a busy junction!

More images to follow!

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