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A Minor Update

A Minor Update

I’ve made a minor update to my website with regards to the background. If you are using IE8 or below, you wont see it, but everone else will.

I like the effect and it was very simple to do. The background was create from one of my own images, infact the top left thumbnail in the image

More Retina Galleries

More Retina Galleries

Ok, so thats September gone too! Sadly I didn’t get to put another post in the blog, but I’ve been busy! For one thing, I’ve been working on the Military Heroes Trading Website and secondly I’ve updated more galleries on my site to be retina quality.

I have completed all the Travel Galleries as well as all the Landscapes. These are now retina quality galleries! I just have 2 more sub gallries to update in the Birds section to remove the old styled images, then I can review the remaining galleries for retina quality updates!

If you have a retina iPad or retina display here is a preview of what is in them and the quality!

If you’ve looked at the galleries before, please take another look as some images have gone and been replaced with different one, and all are now a larger size too.

Ahh, Venice…

Ahh, Venice…

Ahh, Venice
How I miss you,
Your crumbing walls,
Your vivid colours,
Canals so green,
Buildings so bright,
Bridges to islands,
Islands to bridges,
Alleyways to squares
and doors to nowhere.*

* (C) Lee Orchard

Venice Inspiration

Venice Inspiration

After seeing some similar photos on Flickr, I was inspired to try something similar with mine. I had done a textured image of Ronda, but Venice is something totally different!

Venetian Canal

Look into my Eyes…

Look into my Eyes…

I’ve been going through old photos again!

A while back I saw an image taken at Sedlec Ossaury (The Church of Bones) in the Czech Republic that was processed in black and white and I thought it really suited the topic.

So, I thought I’d try a similar process on one of my photos.

Here is the result!

Skull @ Sedlec Ossuary

Please let me know what you think

An Amazing Compliment

An Amazing Compliment

Yesterday I was on my Flickr page checking to see if I had any new comments, when I found this on my Crumbling Venice image.

Crumbling Venice

“Hi Lee…..that is one amazing shot….i just had to sit and soak in awe of how captivating it is to the eye! You are amazingly creative and have captured multitudes of stunning shots! Textures, DOF, color…they are all breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your incredible gift of creativity and talent…perusing through your photo stream is the pause that refreshes! I hope you never tire of hearing the “Wow” about your work….I am sure people don’t tire in saying it! Grateful for the walk through your masterpieces!! I”

Wow,  this was amazing and it made my day!  I’ve had a lot of great and nice comments on my images over the years, but I think this one has to be one of the top!



Last weekend we had planned to visit Prague.

Not being to sure of the weather we took clothes for cooler weather too. As it happened, Saturday and Sunday were quite hot, and nice sunny weather. This is great for walking around in t-shirts, but it does mean your photos have a clear blue sky, which isnt always what you want.

Saying that the sun does light up the buildings nicely in the evening giving a lovely glow. We explored all around Prague and also visited Kutna Hora and the Ossuary “Church of Bones”.

Here are just a couple of images from Prague Old Town that I have sorted out so far.

This is the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square, taken on our first evening. Of course, its one of the first things you head for when you are in Prague!

Prague Clock (HDR)

As you can see the weather changed as predicted on the last day, but it really makes for a dramatic image.

Dancing Building (HDR)

This is the Fred and Ginger, or Dancing Building. It was pretty wet and we had to wait ages on a small island in the middle of a busy junction!

More images to follow!

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Recently we visited the Isle of Wight.

This was our first visit this year and we had built up a list of places to visit and shot we wanted to try and get.

The as it turned out, the weather was nice, although rain did threaten to make it difficult for us.

We visited Ventnor and walked all along the coast, finding some interesting bays, passing through Steephill Cove and ending up at Orchard Bay!

We had planned to try and get some sunset images and a beach called Woody Bay. However, we didn’t know how to get to it. With a little driving and following a map, as close as you can when looking for footpath signs, we eventually found a sign to the bay. Heading across the fields and down on the beach, we’d made it! Now we realised that it was the wrong time of year for sunsets in that bay! Anyway, it was still very picturesque and I got a few lovely images.

For the sunset we went to St Catherines, and ended up waiting 30mins for it to set! We were early! The sky was dramatic and we watched the rain pass us by, only having to huddle over the cameras once!

Here are a couple of images from the day.

Steephill Cove

Steephill Cove (HDR)

Orchard Bay

Orchard Bay (HDR)

Woody Bay

Woody Bay II (HDR)

St Catherines

Catherines Fiery Skies