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Sports Fitness Portraits

Sports Fitness Portraits

I recently had the opportunity to take some photos for a lady who owns a gym.

This was a great chance to create some interesting images which were more than just a standard portrait.

We shot a range of sports styles, Boxing and Weights and even threw in a football at the end for some fun.

I set up a punch bag and we got to work…

Adding a bit of movement and smoke to create a bit of atmosphere…

Then time for a rest…

a little bit of showing off the gloves and posing with them.

We shoot some photos with the weights too.

I then wanted to try a boxing ring set up where she posed for some photos that I would then add in the ropes and background in post editing.

I had some metal textures, so put those in to make them look a more more ‘fight clubish’

I did a similar thing to the football images I took and created this.

I was really pleased with how all of these turned out, especially as some where a bit of any experiment on the processing side.

Digital Backgrounds

Digital Backgrounds

Last year I created a lot of digital backgrounds (which are available to buy) that can be used to add texture to a plain background in a portrait photo.

For example, the photo below shows the portrait, taken again against a plain white background and processed in Lightroom. I have then added a digital texture overlay in Photoshop and blended into the background area. Move the slider to see the result.

As you can see, it adds a little interest to the back and make it look as if it is taken against material and a texture.

I have also been creating some smoke overlays. These really add atmosphere to the photos and can give some dramatic results.

It can even be made to look like fire.

Digital backgrounds can even be used to make photos look old and as with the next photos, like a painting on textured paper.

You can see more examples of this in my Textures Gallery below or buy them from my Etsy shop, or use the links in the blogs sidebar.

A Waiting Game

A Waiting Game

February has started as a waiting game. Things need to start for there to be a chain reaction where other things can then start to move.

So, lots of twiddling fingers in the first week.

As this is the case, website updates have been happening! I’ve fixed an issue, that I created a while back, but didn’t realise until today, with the homepage. It now works again with the menus!

Portrait galleries have had updates to them, new images added, tweaks to text etc… New images will be added to the Newborn gallery soon.

I’ve added a couple of new photos to the Mammals Primate gallery too.

On my Portraits website Lee Orchard Photography I’ve added 2 new blog posts, a commercial page, not yet live (this will replace a page on another site that I’m turning off). It shows commercial work we’ve done, mainly Hair & Make Up Portraits, Live shows, like Magician Live and some Food and Product photos.

I’ve also added more photos from recent shoots to the Adults gallery on that site.

So, while waiting I’ll continue tidying & painting in the house, tweaking websites, sorting photos and more…

Photo Shoots of Many Types

Photo Shoots of Many Types

Just recently I seem to have done lots of photo shoots.

We had 2 newborn shoots, with 1 more of come.

I’ve done a bodyscapes shoot, another bodyscapes, that turned into a 4 in 1 shoot. You can read about both of them on my portraits website.

I’ve also done a hair stylist shoot for her portfolio with 2 models and an MUA, which was great fun. As well as these, I have another 4 or so shoots lined up, a couple of maternity shoots in January as well as the long awaited Phoenix shoot.

Some of the result will be posted on here, but you can read able them all on the other site.

Whoosh It’s 2015!

Whoosh It’s 2015!

Well it’s 2015, doesn’t time just keep flying! Its quite worrying just where the months and years go and before long you’re another year older.

This is why photography is so important. It a way of capturing the now for the future. Capture the special moment to look back on.

If you’ve just had a baby, in 4 shorts weeks it’s a month old, and that time has then gone forever. Capture those moments with photos and memories, and not just on your phone or on the computer, but get photos printed and put onto canvas.

image by Natalie
Photo by Natalie

If you get married, those memories are always captured well as part of the wedding process. But after the wedding, if you are having a child, capture those pregnancy moments too and follow it up with newborn photos.

These stages are then followed with family portraits, fun or formal, its up to you, but get them photographed to, not just for you but for when your children grow up and have children of their own. In the past photos only existed on paper or slides, but now with digital file and computers, many of the memories never get seen, let alone put into albums.

image by Natalie

We offer many great portrait packages starting at just £50. Visit our portrait page for information on our portrait prices and packages.

Treasure your memories, remember your memories, but get them photographed, get the printed and put them on the wall.

Magician Portrait – The Results

Magician Portrait – The Results

Back in the middle of December I did a photo shoot for Ed – The Magician! It was a great shoot as previously mentioned, with lots of flying cards which made for lots of fun shots.

I got the proofs to Ed a week later and after a few days of choose we had another very happy customer!

Here are a couple of the results.

Ed was very pleased with the images and has already started using them of his website.

Magician Photo Shoot

Magician Photo Shoot

Last week I did a business portrait with a difference. It was for a local Magician!

We took most of the photos on a dark grey background and side lighting to add a more contrast style, later adding a second light for more balance images.

There was a lot of card flicking, shuffling, scattering and picking up cards, with many great shots as a result.

It was definitely a challenge to get the right poses and the cards in the right position in flight, but one I really enjoyed and of which was reflected in the images that were produced.

All in all the session lasted about 2 hours with well over 200 photos taken.

If you would like to have a business portrait or a family portrait done, please check out our portraits page.