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New Portraits Website

New Portraits Website

A week ago I launched our new dedicated portraits website. It is just portraits and combines both Nat’s & My portrait photography. It shows photos from all our portrait categories, from Maternity, Newborn, Kids & Families to Adult and Business.

Although I have a growing portrait section on this website I felt that a dedicated site away from all my Wildlife and Aircraft photos better portrayed that style of work.

I have hopefully given it a nice fresh modern look and also easy to navigate, view and find the required information.

I have kept it under Lee Orchard Photography, because it is, and has a new url of LeeOrchard.Photography



Nat’s been busy again designing friends and link banners for Home Front History.

I designed a link to us page that shows all the link and the code that people who wish to link to can do so easily just by copying the code.

There is a range of banners from small 150px wide to nice pictorial banners at 500px. We have also included retina display version for people who are starting to use retina images on their site, like me!

Here are a couple of the pictorial banners that Nat ( designed. They also incorporated some of my images!!

Christmas is Coming, but work Continues!

Christmas is Coming, but work Continues!

So how is everyone doing?

We did are final fair of the year last Saturday. Only two fairs in December this year, last year we did six! Mind you, we have been very busy with other things this year, and the extra little person to cope with too!

I was finally brave enough to update the homepage of the site to be a dual design page for mobile or larger screen devices, so you now get a functional page on a small screen.

In fact every page of my website has been updated it some manner this year. Also the majority of the site now works nicely on mobile devices giving you a virtually identical experience in most cases.

I know some of images show different galleries and different gift items, but I’ve done this post all on this iPad and it taken a bit longer than expected and it was the only captures I had too hand

New Website Live

New Website Live

So went live. It was a fast turn around from concept to live website in under 2 weeks. We then spent a bit more time bulking it out with information and images to get it to a stage where we were confident in advertising our Christmas offers on portrait photography.

Here is a picture of Nats new site, but its well worth a visit as well as looking at this graphic!  (see link below)

What a busy month!

What a busy month!

Wow, what a busy month. Its been so busy, that I havent had time to write a single blog post this month. Not good!

The month started with my whole website being moved to a new hostng company, as my existing hosting people were moving were they bought their hosting from. To cut a long story short, the new hosting couldnt cope with my site, so I had to move it all again. Thats 2 blogs, 5 websites moved twice in 2 weeks! Not ideal.

Anyway, that is now all behind me and we are with a different company that hosts our other sites too!

Other things, well I’ve been coding another website for Natart Photography. ( This has been built from the ground up to work on PC and tablet platforms aswell as mobile devices. It was nice not to retro fit like I keep doing with this site.

I’ve also tweaked this blog again, and added more links done the side.

We have also done 2 photo shoots, hmm, 3 photo shoots in the last month. One for and one for the BRiSC2012 conference in Reading. We also did a photo shoot of our kids to get more photos for are websites.

I thought aswell I’d add a couple of new photo to my website, so here they are, and thanks for reading!

Amur Tiger

Snowy Owl


Website Updates Continue

Website Updates Continue

The website update continues…

I have now implemented the new changes that allow mobile touch swipe navigation for the photos to the following site galleries:

Birds & Insects
Travel (half done)

The HDR section has been moved to be inside the New Creative section, which includes Monotone, Textured and Selective coloured images aswell.

I now just need to finish the Architecture section and the Landscape section.

I have taken the opportunity to remove some of the older images and in some galleries add new different ones. I’ve done this to make the galleries more interesting and to make room for new images that will be added after the upgrade.

The main index page has also had an update in the form of a slideshow, so you get to see some images as soon as you hit the site! These contain links to the galleries, so do the menu option across the screen. Clicking on the Menu Title will also load something too.

There is also a Social Media menu with links to all my Social Media area, EG, Flickr, Facebook etc…

Also in progress is a dual function main index page, that will show a mobile formatted page as the existing page isnt very mobile friendly.

Wow, thats quite a bit.

Let me know what you think…

Nice Compliment

Nice Compliment

I received this nice compliment the other day about The Flying Ducks website.

I LOVE the Flying Ducks website with it’s Vintage look, it’s been set out so well that it made me actually WANT to read what was on the site, which is definitely what having a website is all about! I wish I had a reason to hire them, the whole idea looks great fun and the food looks lovely.

Its great to get nice feedback and this is very rewarding.

If you haven’t seen it yet, why not visit now!

New, Updated & Refreshed

New, Updated & Refreshed

I’ve updated the index page (entrance page to my site) now to include updates from my twitter feed and excerpts from my blog (which could be how you got here!). So to see the lastest info from Lee Orchard Photography, all you have to do is open!

I’ve also finally changed the homepage of the site. The old design hadn’t really changed in about 8 years, so it was time to refresh it! Hopefully now it is clearer to use, nicer to look at and you get updates from my flickr gallery too! All the links from the old page still exist, except 2, equipment and about the website. The other links have been moved either to the entrance page, or made normal links on the gallery page.

Now all I have to do to combine the Scandinavia Gallery and Europe Gallery into one design. I’m still trying to figure out how I want the rest of the site to look like.

More New Websites

More New Websites website is now live! It just requires a few extra tweaks and gallery pages to be added!

This has been a fun site to bulid, a fun topic and fun people to work with!

Nat has decided that her photography website isn’t how she would like it anymore so has come up with a new design.

There are a couple of challenges in it, one being the gallery navigation, but after quite a few hours of working it out and implementing new bits into it, it is working! So watch this space. I’ll post a link to it soon.