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Sports Portraits

Sports Portraits

Are you a sports person or do you have a Son or Daughter who is a sport person? I do!

My three children all love cricket. My son loves swimming, athletics, but mostly cricket as does it more seriously than the other two. So, I take a lot of sports photos of him.

If you or your children are involved in a sport have you thought about getting any photos done of them in their sports gear. I offer great studio sports portraits. I tend to just do studio sports as then it is just concentrated on your child without worrying about how else is in the photos.

If you are interested for yourself or your child, please get in touch to book a session. Then if you like, as I have done, you can come back over the years to show a progression.

Over the years, I’ve taken photos of my son as he has progressed with his cricket.

He started playing softball matches a couple of month after turning 7 and his first hard ball match a month later.

At the end of every season I try and put together a compilation of images from that year.

Every Year I like to update the photos I take of him in the studio.

and get creative with them

Another end of season composite

As he progresses and learns new shots we also incorporate them into the shoots.

And I’ve got more creative with the photos too.

2021 season

Although he didn’t grow out of his gear for a few years, each studio session has shown a progression in him and his style.

He also is a good bowler

Please get in touch if you would like to book a sports portrait.

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

I’ve been quiet once again on my blog, but I’ve had a good excuse.

For I while now I’ve wondered about my maternity photography section on this website. Whilst there is nothing wrong with it, it amongst everything else I do. I’m not sure if that would put some people off, seeing maternity photography on a website with wildlife and aircraft photos.

So, to that end I’ve created a dedicated website! It contains more information related to maternity photography, a selection of the beautiful photos in the galleries, and information about the shoots themselves.

It is call

I will of course leave the maternity section on this website, as not everyone will find the exclusive site, but I hope the new site will give a more relevant look for future Mums-to-be finding my website.

Digital Gallery Headers

Digital Gallery Headers

A few years ago I started creating digital backgrounds and selling them via Etsy.

Last year I expanded on that and created some digital frame galleries. These are Website or Social Media Header images that look like picture galleries.

They are supplied as transparent pngs, so look walls with frames that have holes in them. In effect, they are!

This example shows a colour fabric style wall with wood frames.

Using a photo edit package, you can scale and position your photos under the frame layer. Then crop to the required size for your header.

To ultimately create a fully header image for use on your website, or social media platform.

You can then get creative. In this example I’ve extended the sides and added text in the brick areas.

I’ve used some on my website. Here is a banner used in my maternity section.

Here is one used on my blog

Because they are not supplied in a narrow ratio, but 6 x 4 and a big 6000 x 4000 pixels, they can also be used as a computer desktop wallpaper.

And I’ve even used one in the link below. Please visit that page to see all my textures and frame and access my Etsy shop LeoPhotography.

More Wine Bottles

More Wine Bottles

So, as I said last year, I’ve been a bit lax on my blogs posts and it would seem the same has happened again so far this year. Maybe it’s a good thing, too busy to write posts?…

Anyway, to round off last year, I’d been photographing Wine & Gin bottles and the last studio shoot of the year was another product shot of a new wine.

This is another ‘classic’ product on a white background, perfect for just showing off the bottle of wine with no distractions.

If you sell products, why not give me a call for a free quotation to photograph your products.

Gin Gift Hampers

Gin Gift Hampers

A couple of weeks after my Gin Product Photos I got another call from Gotland Gin. Was I free to do another shoot for them and how quick could I get them done. Ideally 4 days!

Ok, I was luckily in-between jobs and they delivered the items that day, on the Saturday. So, Sunday morning I set to. Gotland Gin wanted to show off the new hampers but also their eco packaging.

First up was just the single bottles of Gin in a festive style.

When I create product photos with props, I also like to vary the photo a little bit but keep it in the same style. It makes for a nicer presentation on the customer webpages.

In this a movement of the props, but I also created unique snowflakes for each photo.

Next up, the hampers..

The wood shavings went everywhere 🙂

Then the big one… So many items, what a lovely hamper!

Finally some smaller gin selection boxes.

This time I actual kept the setup the same and the products themselves made enough of a change.

Finally, the triple pack. I slight change the the background and using the lovely Gotland Gin ribbon.

So, if you have products that require photos for your website or social media, be it standard or festive, please get in touch for a free non-obligation quote.

Gin Product Photos

Gin Product Photos

As mentioned in previous post, I seem to have shot a lot of Bottle Product photos this year. This is good. Any product photos is good, it’s also covid friendly!

In November, I was contacted buy a local Gin Distillery, Gotland Gin. They are just a few miles down the road. I had contact them during lockdown 2020, but they didn’t need any product photo then. However that had now changed with a new Cloudberry Gin.

They had different size bottles that they want photos of.

and they also wanted some cloudberries in the shot too!

They also asked for something creative and had liked some of my Water Splash Challenge Photos I’d taken during lockdown in 2020.

So, I created them a photo with the fruit they recommend for their Gin.

Next up, Festive Product photos.

Product Bottle Photos

Product Bottle Photos

In July, (still catching up on old posts) I did some updated Product photos for Torview Wines. Here is one of the Wine Bottle Product shots. I won’t post them all as there are more to come in another post soon!

This is a standard product photo with a front/side lit highlight. Simple but effective product photo.

If you run a business that requires product photos, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

As I mentioned in my last post, I just haven’t really posted much in my blog this year and I promised to try and improve.

So what Have I been up to. Well earlier in the year (March actually) I was contacted by a local lady in our village who had set-up a new business during lockdown in 2020. She was making homemade bath bombs and wanted some photographed. How could I refuse. A few days later a box of bath bombs appeared on my doorstep.

After bring the bath bombs into the studio and setting up for a standard product photo I started placing the product in position. Wow, the smell…. lovely….

Now, this was the challenge, a white bath bomb on a white background, not something I’d had to photograph before.

I started with a shape that had some definition to it. An Octopus!

This photographed well so I worked through the different shapes and then selected the ball shaped bath bomb.

and finally an item with a bit of colour.

This final job was the cleanup, these bath bomb as you can imagine are very delicate and crumbly. They shed bit very easily and with clearing the shooting area between each shot it had created a nice pile of lovely smelly crumbs on the background area and on the floor!

Does my Blog Work?

Does my Blog Work?

As I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t posted in my blog since May! Now, I’ve been blogging for many years and tried to keep a steady flow of posts coming to the blog. However over the last year or so these have been dramatically reducing. Partially to being busy but partially to wondering if blogs, or at least my blog actually brings benefit to my website and business.

In the past I’ve believed it creates footfall to the site. The text gets indexed, then found in the Search engines and people arrive to read it and view my site.

More recently I have began to rethink this. The stats definitely show a lot of hits, but that doesn’t equate to anything. What it does do is create a lot of spam! So much so that I’ve actually turned off comments to the blog. If genuine people want to contact me, then I’m just a click away if needed.

So that’s a little explanation on my lack of posts. I have however been busy with quite a few things that I want to share, so will, I promise, blog about these and share them with you!

Blog Absence

Blog Absence

I realised the other day that I have ben blog absent for quite a while, in fact, since May! That my longest blog absence ever, and it not good.

However, I have done quite a few things in that time and worked on some new ideas and projects, so I’m going to make it priority to getting blogging on these in the next few days and get some new posts out!