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The Granite Way

The Granite Way

Since moving to Devon, we are finding we are starting to visit lots of places. That was part of the reason for moving, so this is good!

It means that my outdoor photography is rekindled, meaning this blog has sprung back in to life again.

I have started to create texture files, which will be available to buy and I will occasionally put up a free texture for people to use.

To find these textures though, I have to go in search of them.

This time, to The Granite Way. This is a track walk, mostly tarmac, which starts at Okehamption station, where you can also park at the youth hostel. It follows the Old Railway running along side the A30, then heads towards Meldon Quarry and over the viaduct. It is ideal for prams, bicycles and easy walking.

Where the track initial joins the railway there is an old bridge with the track running under it. I’ve again given these photos a bit of an old look to fit in with the style of the old line.

Although the track is fenced off, as it is still in use, you can get a view down the line, showing the track heading off into the distance.

After about 2 miles walking along The Granite Way, going under the A30 and passing lots of fields with sheep in them, you arrive at Meldon Quarry.

This was a bit of surprise to me, as next to the quarry was what looks like an old shunting year with old trains in it. Well, I say old, not steam train, but oldish rail carriages, the type with the Slam Door that were classed as dangerous and so phased out.

They looked great, and ideal photo opportunity!

And a bonus, some great graffiti on a rusty train!

Just past the trains was the visitor centre, which was unfortunately closed, as was the buffet carriage, which had been one reason for doing the walk! We bumped into the people running it on the way back, apparently it opens at weekends in April. Now we know.

Just next to the buffet carriage is the viaduct.

Not being too keen on heights, I didn’t fancy going across it, plus short on time, we just admired the view which a bit of lunch and started the 2.5 mile walk back!

In Search of Steam

In Search of Steam

The other week we had planned to go in search of steam engines, but we found out that our plans were foiled by a lack of babysitters, but today we were sorted!

The day started off foggy, which meant there would be some nice steam coming from the engines if we could find them! We got to Alresford and headed to the station. The platform was busy, the sign said trains at 11:45, it was 11:50! I heard the platform master say the train had stawled, how does a steam train stawl? and it was being towed by the other and they didn’t know how long it would be.

So, armed with the informtion that we had some time, we headed off to find a better view point along the track. Following train tracks is not easy and alway possible, so walking pararrel to the track along the road I kept an ear open for the train and an eye open for a footpath.

30 minutes later I found a footpath around the edge of a farmers field, just past a bridge that the track went over. We found the track! I could see the signal too and noted it was in the stop position. We waited… 15 mintues later the signal changed, 5 minutes after that the train came by!

I braced myself and took photos until the buffer filled up. We then headed off for something to eat with the knowledge that we had some photos and hoped they were good.

Here is one I have processed and am showing it in a mousemat! I’m very pleased with the result!

Steam Train on the Watercress Line
Steam Train on the Watercress Line

0-6-0 Loco at Havenstreet

0-6-0 Loco at Havenstreet

Haventstreet on the Isle of Wight.

Image was put through topaz adjust, then a few lightroom filters and thats it!

 0-6-0 Loco

I was really pleased with the result and have a few versions in different finishes too!