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Before & After Updates

Before & After Updates

Amongst everything else, I have managed to start an update to one the only part of my website that didn’t get an overhall, namely the HDR before and after section.

I wanted to try and and more info in the HDR section explaining what it is and also how I have created some of my HDR images. I also though wanted to show the before and afters of pseudo HDRs and Topaz enhance images.

So as a start, I have removed the old before and after pages and just upload 1 initial pages each will be a template for the rest of them.

It shows an image from 2004, when I visited la Alhambra in Spain. This was just a normal jpeg, that I turn into an ‘HDR’

You can see the ‘How I did it’ here: First Before and After Page

War and Peace Show 2012

War and Peace Show 2012

I can’t believe its the War and Peace Show again. The year seems to have gone so quick.

I got some great images last year, so it was a bit of a challenge to try and match it.  Although I didn’t take as many photos, I think I managed it.  I seem to have lots to still work up.

Here’s a few to start with

Russian T34 Tank

Battle Event

Another Rescued!

Another Rescued!

As with a lot of photos, they just never live up to what you saw with your eye. You can of course spend lots of time trying different positions, using tripods and filters in an attempt to capture what you see.

This photo was taken on a tour of Ronda in 2004, so as you can imagine, I had no time for all of the above! So I ended up with an image that looked quite washed out with the sky.

Recently I’ve had some success in rescuing some old image by turning them into ‘HDRs’ but it doesn’t always work will with Jpegs. So, in this case, as with the previous Ronda image, I loaded it into Topaz Adjust.

This is the result.


Theres a larger version on flickr, just click on the image