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Cyberpunk Portraits

Cyberpunk Portraits

I like shooting interesting portraits, retro, re-enactment, cosplay, so when someone approached my with a Cyberpunk idea, I jumped at the chance.

I have to admit, my first thought was, ‘What is Cyberpunk?’ As it turned out, it was funky and purple!

This gave me some great ideas for creating some cool portraits. Very grungy, urban style.

with slight purple overtones.

and ideal for putting in my grunge style backdrops.

Using a few masks

Getting funky with colour

It even gave me an idea for a mystic version too!

With many poses and position we created a wide range of images which were both funky and fun.

If you enjoy cosplay or any style of dress-up, why not get in touch with me and we can discuss a shoot.



Towards the end of last year, I did a lot of Re-enacting Portraits from time periods around the 1400-1500s but not nothing from late 1800s. Late all changed in October with the arrival of a lady who loved Gothic Victorian dress.

When shooting these period costumes I try and shoot them in a style that is in keeping with the look.

In this case I created a panelled look room backdrop to give the images a move interesting feel.

As well as creating a wallpaper that matched the theme.

My studio is also full of many props. This includes a huge trunk that dates back to the golden age of train travel. I thought it would also look great in these photos.

We went on shooting more a few more poses, creating many that the lady loved.

If you re-enactor or like period style clothes that you would like photo in, then please visit my portraits pages for more examples and prices for one my creative portrait shoots.

English Civil War

English Civil War

Working through the ages with Re-enactment Portraits has been great fun. When I was told my next portrait session would have a drum, it was really exciting and challenging.

So, we jumped from Tudor times to English Civil War.

Luckily the drum wasn’t quite as big as I expected, but what a great prop for a shoot!

adding in a Pikeman

and Finishing off with civilian wear.

If you enjoyed these, please visit the Re-enactment Portraits Page for more photos from this shoot and if you are interested in a shoot, please get in touch.

More Re-enactors

More Re-enactors

My next re-enactor portrait session we’d moved to the 1600’s. It was a couples shoot, with some middle class costumes.

First up an Upper Middle class lady.

Followed by an Upper Middle class man.

These costumes really allow me to get creative with my Re-enactment Portraits

Next, Lower Middle class.

and then Army

If you enjoyed these, please visit the Re-enactment Page for more photos from this shoot and if you are interested in a shoot, please get in touch.

A Tudor Re-enactor

A Tudor Re-enactor

Not long after my initial re-enactment shoot I got an enquiry to do a portrait session for another Tudor re-enactor.

With different clothing it provided some good variation on the first shoot.

With different props

and different weapons, we produced some nice portraits for him.

Then a change of clothing and a different weapon.

and adding a pike, which is a challenge and it only just fits in the studio!

finally, a peasant costume.

If you’d like to see more from this shoot or book a shot with me, please visit the gallery below for more information.

Tudor Re-enactor Portraits Cont…

Tudor Re-enactor Portraits Cont…

As mentioned in my last post, I recently did a Re-enactment portrait to try out some new. A few days later I did another Tudor era portrait session for his wife.

Although there were less costume variations and prop changes, we managed to create another differing images.

Standing, Sitting and with different backgrounds.

Once again some lovely images reflecting the style or the portrayal and showing the dedication of the people re-enactoring.

There are more images on the Re-enactor Portraits page from the link below. If you are a Re-enactor from any time period, and would like a shoot, please get in touch.

Something Old, but New… Re-enactment

Something Old, but New… Re-enactment

I’ve shot a lot of different styles over the years, but never anything quite like this. Although I’ve know re-actors for many many years and built websites for some groups too, I’ve never actually photographed any in the studio.

I had a style in mind and just needed to find someone willing to try it with me. I found a willing volunteer locally and we set too with creating this batch of images for him.

His era is Tudor, around the 1540s.

He had several costumes which gave us and chance to create some different images for him.

We even did a few full length shots.

and lastly a civilians outfit set against one of my digital backgrounds.

The whole shoot only took about an hour, so didn’t take up too much time.

A few days later his Wife came around for her shoot…

There are more images on the Re-enactor Portraits page from the link below. If you are a Re-enactor from any time period, and would like a shoot, please get in touch.



I’m still not writing enough in my blog, but I have been quite busy. I have a few more post that will follow soon explaining this.

Now, my Son has recently got in to the Warhammer 40k role play game and we bought him a lot of figures. I have tried playing this with him but haven’t really got in to it. I have also been helping him paint and teaching him how to paint his figures. I am definitely no expert, but painted a few models kits when I was younger, to I know the basics. These figures however are something different!

As we’ve been painting, he’s taken on the Orks and I’ve been painting the Space Marines. I then decided it would be great photograph them.

I created an alien planet scene.

We then added a bit of action.

As you see, I’ve created some planets in the background. I have since created more and will be selling these on Etsy very soon!

I found a big lump of concrete that had set in a big mountain like shape and it really looked ideal for another scene.

and of course, a straight forward model shot. (It shows up all the bits I missed!)

Then I tried the Orks and created a woodland scene with broken trees and branches. This was a big hit on instagram (@leophotographyuk)

Then my Son created a scene and took the photo. He said he wanted fire in it! Hmm, doesn’t mix well with plastic models and paint, so I settled on creating all the pyrotechnics in photoshop afterwards!

Quite fun to do and I’ve enjoyed painting and photographing it so far, but he has so many!!!… I’m sure I’ll be doing many more

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

Last month I did a maternity photoshoot. I’d had an offer on and a lady at 39 weeks contacted me requesting a shoot that week.

I’ve done many maternity shoots over the years, but obviously none in the last 2.5 years and this was my first big shoot in about the same time frame too. So, understandable I was a little apprehensive about getting back in the studio.

I needn’t have been, everything came back to me very quickly and we started the shoot with my usual low key styled images.

This mum to be was really interested in my material images, many are, so after a range of shots we moved on to these covering my normal styles.

and then some draped versions with mottled backdrops.

We also shoot with some lovely lace.

I wanted to try a couple of new things with the materials and created some nice stretched wrap images.

If you live in Devon and are expecting, please give me a call. I often have offers on for my maternity shoots and if not, they are still a good deal.

Sports Portraits

Sports Portraits

Are you a sports person or do you have a Son or Daughter who is a sport person? I do!

My three children all love cricket. My son loves swimming, athletics, but mostly cricket as does it more seriously than the other two. So, I take a lot of sports photos of him.

If you or your children are involved in a sport have you thought about getting any photos done of them in their sports gear. I offer great studio sports portraits. I tend to just do studio sports as then it is just concentrated on your child without worrying about how else is in the photos.

If you are interested for yourself or your child, please get in touch to book a session. Then if you like, as I have done, you can come back over the years to show a progression.

Over the years, I’ve taken photos of my son as he has progressed with his cricket.

He started playing softball matches a couple of month after turning 7 and his first hard ball match a month later.

At the end of every season I try and put together a compilation of images from that year.

Every Year I like to update the photos I take of him in the studio.

and get creative with them

Another end of season composite

As he progresses and learns new shots we also incorporate them into the shoots.

And I’ve got more creative with the photos too.

2021 season

Although he didn’t grow out of his gear for a few years, each studio session has shown a progression in him and his style.

He also is a good bowler

As well as the yearly composites, I’ve also created a few match montages.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a sports portrait.

Wine Bottle Products

Wine Bottle Products

Over the past few years, I’ve been taking photos for a local vineyard. (See Life of a Grape link below).

I spent a year photographing the key stages of the work process, from the initial pruning of the last years vines, through to harvesting and bottling.

Then, of course, the all important bottles shots.

I’ve taken some nice on location images,

plus standard products shots.

I’ve varied the style over the years based on requirements and needs for that photo.

The first photos were full product images, inline with an existing lighting style of past photos.

I’ve also taken some more ‘interesting’ photos with coloured background to match the bottle labels.

This year a new wine was produced. This came in a different style bottle and was sparkling. So I used a different setup to show off the colour…

and the bubbles, by adding to glasses to the shoot.

The latest wine, I was asked again to show the colour, so I used the same lighting, but on a normal bottle.

If you run a vineyard and would like a free quotation for some product photos, process photos or a ‘Year in a Vineyard’ shoot, please contact me using the link in the Commercial Work page below.

LOP CV Photo Challenge Wk 16 – Beverages

LOP CV Photo Challenge Wk 16 – Beverages

If you are still doing my challenges, you deserve a pat on the back and a drink!

This week is then Beverages!

or something non alcoholic

I hope you are enjoying them!

Then as usual, show me what you’ve taken via the challenge tag #lopcvphotochallenge

Past challenges and results can be viewed here.

LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 15 – Black and White

LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 15 – Black and White

This is week is all about Black and White. Ideally this is monochrome or black and white images taken straight in the camera and not vivid colours converted in photoshop. Minor tweaks are allowed though.

So look for objects that are primarily monochrome black and white and see just how many you can find. I have a feeling this could be quite abstract too!

Then as usual, show me what you’ve taken via the challenge tag #lopcvphotochallenge

Past challenges and results can be viewed here.