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Old Cameras

Old Cameras

So, following on from my bottles I decided to photograph some old cameras.

I love old cameras and have a couple myself, but I wanted to created some product style photos but, just straight forward shots on a white back. So nothing fancy to make the photo look old, just clean cut.

I started with an oldie.

and worked my way through the years, this one from the 50s

60s or 70s I believe

then, my first ever camera

right up to a modern day DSLR (albeit a few years old now)

I wanted a low angle on the cameras to make them stand out a bit. I did change the angle a bit on the SLR, but prefer the others.

This is a very simple setup and one I can teach anyone who wanted to take a product style shot. Very quick to do and requires virtually no post editing either.

More Photos Shoots

More Photos Shoots

In my last post, I spoke about doing a lot of portraits shoots recently.

Well, I have been busy. I’ve been doing a lot of Lightroom training and also Photography tuition on a 1-2-1 basis. Its kept me very busy.

In between all of that, I have also been doing more photo shoots!

I did a test business portrait session with a person and they were so pleased with the result, they said the photos were going straight on their website.

In another session, I photographed a boxer, it was one of his pastime activities and we did a range of photos in his boxing gear.

I took some great black and whites too, this one was with a base jumping pack

Other photo shoots this month include a Leather shoot with lots of leather jackets and some cosplay gear. I did some photos for a lady wanting to increase her modelling portfolio with some head hair and makeup photos, in a light gothic style and an unusual shoot with chains and handcuffs!

My last shoot of the year will be a Christmas Maternity shoot.

Photo Shoots of Many Types

Photo Shoots of Many Types

Just recently I seem to have done lots of photo shoots.

We had 2 newborn shoots, with 1 more of come.

I’ve done a bodyscapes shoot, another bodyscapes, that turned into a 4 in 1 shoot. You can read about both of them on my portraits website.

I’ve also done a hair stylist shoot for her portfolio with 2 models and an MUA, which was great fun. As well as these, I have another 4 or so shoots lined up, a couple of maternity shoots in January as well as the long awaited Phoenix shoot.

Some of the result will be posted on here, but you can read able them all on the other site.

Pending Shoots

Pending Shoots

Over the next couple of weeks, I have at least 3 if not 5 photo shoots to do. Syncing my diary is proving difficult. I have 2 maternity shoots, hopefully 2 collaboration shoots and a magicians show!

It’s a nice variation of shoots to do, each with their own challenges, a couple of new types to shoot, and some more familiar.

So this should be a good couple of weeks.

Look out for the results!

Creative Mini Shoots

Creative Mini Shoots

We are now offering Mini shoots! These creative mini shoots last about 20 minutes and have different themes. Our April theme is ‘April Showers’

The photo shoot costs just £25 and you get a creative image like one of these.

The images are created by Nat using the photo from the shoot and a creative background.

We are also running regular Frozen mini shoots.

If you’d like more details, please contact us, or look on our Facebook pages for details.

Business, School and Maternity Photos

Business, School and Maternity Photos

In the last 3 day we’ve had 3 photo shoots!

It started with a long delayed business portrait. An old work colleague had seen my offer on business portraits for previous Nokia & NSN people and booked in a session. He had booked it back in January, but then had it delayed due to a football match incident, that sidelined them for six weeks. He wasn’t even playing.

Then next, I had a phone call from a previous customer asking if I could re-shoot a school portrait for them. I was happy to oblige and we did a short session for them, from which they got 4 great images of their Daughter in her school uniform.

Lastly, on Saturday, I had my second of my volunteer for the Maternity shoots. This time we were trying out some different lighting and a great new purple silky wrap. She also brought along her 2 year old daughter and husband, so we got some nice family maternity photo for them, which are also great for the portfolio.

So, it was a busy week. Earlier I’d also had another Lightroom training session. So we had one of everything in 1 week.

On top of this, we also managed to get the waiting area in the studio completed, which now looks really good and opens up some space for anyone accompanying someone having a photo shoot.

Portraits of Me!

Portraits of Me!

I wanted to get a new profile photo of me for the portrait website.

This poses a bit of a problem. Our remote trigger doesn’t play nicely with our lights, in fact it only triggers the camera and not the lights at all! So, I had to enlist Nat to take the shots for me. I spent about 20 minutes tweaking the lights, trying to get the type of lighting I wanted, all the time setting the timer and getting back in the pose to test it, but when Nat started taking photos, we had to do some more tweaking and add an extra light in too!

We wanted a strong light with some drop off on one side and although not quite as dramatic as I had in mind the result looked good!

We took quite a few photos playing with lights, then composition, and the seating position felt quite strange but it gave the desired affect.

Here are a couple of the many shots we took leading to the final choice.

and here is the one I choose as the final image.

New Portraits Website

New Portraits Website

A week ago I launched our new dedicated portraits website. It is just portraits and combines both Nat’s & My portrait photography. It shows photos from all our portrait categories, from Maternity, Newborn, Kids & Families to Adult and Business.

Although I have a growing portrait section on this website I felt that a dedicated site away from all my Wildlife and Aircraft photos better portrayed that style of work.

I have hopefully given it a nice fresh modern look and also easy to navigate, view and find the required information.

I have kept it under Lee Orchard Photography, because it is, and has a new url of LeeOrchard.Photography

Whoosh It’s 2015!

Whoosh It’s 2015!

Well it’s 2015, doesn’t time just keep flying! Its quite worrying just where the months and years go and before long you’re another year older.

This is why photography is so important. It a way of capturing the now for the future. Capture the special moment to look back on.

If you’ve just had a baby, in 4 shorts weeks it’s a month old, and that time has then gone forever. Capture those moments with photos and memories, and not just on your phone or on the computer, but get photos printed and put onto canvas.

image by Natalie
Photo by Natalie

If you get married, those memories are always captured well as part of the wedding process. But after the wedding, if you are having a child, capture those pregnancy moments too and follow it up with newborn photos.

These stages are then followed with family portraits, fun or formal, its up to you, but get them photographed to, not just for you but for when your children grow up and have children of their own. In the past photos only existed on paper or slides, but now with digital file and computers, many of the memories never get seen, let alone put into albums.

image by Natalie

We offer many great portrait packages starting at just £50. Visit our portrait page for information on our portrait prices and packages.

Treasure your memories, remember your memories, but get them photographed, get the printed and put them on the wall.

In the New Year…

In the New Year…

In 2015 we will be doing, maternity photo shoots, newborn photos, kids, & family portraits, business & profile portraits and post wedding, wedding dress shots, as well as all our other services.

If you have just got married, expecting a baby, have birthdays coming up, put us in your diary, and give us a call!

Think about Valentine’s Day surprises, or Mother’s Day, presents too.

Visit our portrait page for new offers and prices,