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New Website Live

New Website Live

So Natartphotography.com went live. It was a fast turn around from concept to live website in under 2 weeks. We then spent a bit more time bulking it out with information and images to get it to a stage where we were confident in advertising our Christmas offers on portrait photography.

Here is a picture of Nats new site, but its well worth a visit as well as looking at this graphic!  (see link below)


What a busy month!

What a busy month!

Wow, what a busy month. Its been so busy, that I havent had time to write a single blog post this month. Not good!

The month started with my whole website being moved to a new hostng company, as my existing hosting people were moving were they bought their hosting from. To cut a long story short, the new hosting couldnt cope with my site, so I had to move it all again. Thats 2 blogs, 5 websites moved twice in 2 weeks! Not ideal.

Anyway, that is now all behind me and we are with a different company that hosts our other sites too!

Other things, well I’ve been coding another website for Natart Photography. (natartphotography.com) This has been built from the ground up to work on PC and tablet platforms aswell as mobile devices. It was nice not to retro fit like I keep doing with this site.

I’ve also tweaked this blog again, and added more links done the side.

We have also done 2 photo shoots, hmm, 3 photo shoots in the last month. One for McCarthysCountryStore.co.uk and one for the BRiSC2012 conference in Reading. We also did a photo shoot of our kids to get more photos for are websites.

I thought aswell I’d add a couple of new photo to my website, so here they are, and thanks for reading!

Amur Tiger

Snowy Owl


More New Websites

More New Websites

TheFlyingDucks.co.uk website is now live! It just requires a few extra tweaks and gallery pages to be added!

This has been a fun site to bulid, a fun topic and fun people to work with!

Nat has decided that her photography website isn’t how she would like it anymore so has come up with a new design.

There are a couple of challenges in it, one being the gallery navigation, but after quite a few hours of working it out and implementing new bits into it, it is working! So watch this space. I’ll post a link to it soon.

Home Front History Site Goes Live

Home Front History Site Goes Live

The Home Front History website I have been redesigning has now gone live.

After a slight delay due to IE7 compatability issues, it is now up and running with all the main pages there.  It still has more parts to be added, but atleast all the nice new layout and functionality is there.

This design was based on Nat (www.natart.org.uk) leaflet that she designed for the Home Front History group.