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The Phantom Celebrates another 100

The Phantom Celebrates another 100

This post is steeped in history.

It starts 100 years ago and comes together in 1943. My connection started unbeknown to me in 2010 and it all joins up in 2020.

Let me explain a little. I am talking about a WWII veteran born in 1920. He was part of a rookie crew that took delivery of a Lancaster Bomber, a quite famous ‘ton-up’ Lancaster. It flew 121 sorties. It was assigned to 100 Squadron.

Now in 2010 I took photo of the Lancaster with its Phantom nose art, and in 2013 I wrote a post about the Phantom of the Ruhr talking about that aircraft with an extract from BBMF’s website on it’s operational history and crew.

I’d taken many photos of the Lancaster, but loved this artwork and the processing of the photo. I thought the black and white really brought out its detail.

So, whizz on now to 2020 and I receive an email out the blue from a Flight Lieutenant Aicheler at RAF 100 Squadron enquiring about the photo.

It turns out that the daughter of the Rear Gunner, later Squadron Leader, Geoff Green, contacted RAF 100 Sqn, asking if they could request the use of the photo as a birthday card for her father’s 100th birthday.

I have to admit, it was a total surprise to get this email and after talking to Flt Lt Aicheler I was happy to help with the request.

The card was made with my image and the 100 Sqn badge and was given to him on his birthday by people from 100 Sqn

I received a letter from the Squadron with a copy of the card and squadron badges.

It’s nice when you can be involved in something like this, even in such a small way and the fact it involves one of my photos adding to a little bit is history is quite memorable.

You can read a little more here on the RAF website – Veteran Celebrates his own Century

Where Did August Go!?

Where Did August Go!?

Hmm, for the first time, I think, I’ve actually missed a month and have blogged anything. Strange thing is, I thought I had. July and August have been such busy months, that it not surprising.

So, just as a quick entry I thought I’d post a photo that I took at the BMRC Auto Historica event that we attended last Sunday. I knew there was going to be a low past from the BBMF, but I forgot to take my big lens!

As it happened, the Lancaster & Hurricane flew over so low, that I didnt need it. This shot was taken at 75mm.

A Low Flypast

The Dambusters

The Dambusters

I wanted to try and create an image to remember the Dambuster raid 70 years ago.

So, I searched my archives and combined a few images to create this.
Hopefully a fitting tribute to the Dambusters

Phantom of the Ruhr

Phantom of the Ruhr

I took this photo of the BBMF Lancaster PA474 at the Farnborough Airshow back in July 2010. I have produced a few versions of this which are used in mousemats and drinks coasters, but this is latest version, processed in black and white to bring out the details.

“PA474 presently wears the markings of the “Phantom of the Ruhr”, a Lancaster that flew 121 sorties (a so-called “ton-up” Lancaster). Originally assigned to 100 Squadron in June 1943, the original “Phantom” was transferred to 101 Squadron in November that year and finished the war as part of 550 Squadron at Ludford Magna. PA474 displays the markings of bombs for operations over Germany, ice-cream cones for operations over Italy and poppies when she releases poppies during exhibition flights.”
Source: Wikipedia

The Phantom of the Ruhr
“Lancaster Mk III EE139 was delivered fresh from the factory to 100 Sqn at Waltham on 31st May 1943. It was initially allocated the code letters ‘HW-A’, although it subsequently became ‘HW-R’.”

“The aircraft was allocated to a new 100 Sqn ‘sprog’ crew straight out of training: W.O Ron Clark (Pilot/Captain), Sgts Harold ‘Benny’ Bennett (Flt Eng), Jim Siddell (Nav), Doug Wheeler (Bomb Aimer), ‘Lish’ Easby (WOp), Les Simpson (Mid-upper Gunner) and Geoff Green (Rear Gunner).”

“The crew named the aircraft ‘Phantom of the Ruhr’. ‘Benny’ Bennett, the crew’s Flt Engineer, painted the ‘Reaper’ on the nose with its skeletal hands scattering bombs”
Source: BBMF raf.mod.uk
read more on the BBMF website

In Readiness for Farnborough

In Readiness for Farnborough

In readiness for the Farnborough Airshow, which is fast approaching, I thought I’d post a before and after of the Lancaster


This image was converted to HDR, then Topaz Adjust for Details, and finally Lightroom filters applied to give the colours.

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