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Mini Workshop at Foggintor

Mini Workshop at Foggintor

As well as my studio based beginners workshops I also run on location workshop, both full day or mini.

This week I ran a mini workshop on Dartmoor. We chose the lovely location of Foggintor. Starting at the car park we headed down the path. We didn’t get far before we stopped for the view and then started the session.

These workshops are ideal for people who like the outdoors either Dartmoor or the Coast.

We cover the all the shooting modes and look at compostion and what lens to use.

Walking further down the path, the ruins start looming up in the distance giving more shooting opportunities.

This location is ideal for a mini workshop. The ground is flat and the main quarry and ruin are within a 20 minute walk.

Coupled with stopping to take photos, and the photography tutoring and discussion results and changes, make it an ideal location.

Mini workshops last approximately 2 hours and cover everything to get a better understanding of you camera.

Then, if you are just moving to shoot RAW, you come away with a batch of photos to do a follow-up Lightroom tutoring lesson.

If you want to learn more about your camera in an outdoor environment, please contact me to discuss a mini workshop.



I haven’t spoken about Tutoring on my blog for a while, so thought it might be a good time to give an update.

As a photography related tutor I offer several types of tutoring for people.

  1. Photography
  2. Lightroom
  3. Photoshop


Photography sessions are available in 2 formats and are for beginners and for people who want to understand their camera better.

Studio basics, is designed to cover camera settings like Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, focusing, etc under controlled studio environment conditions so you can easily try out all these features.

Mini Workshops are out and about on location and again can cover all the basics as above but on location. These are maybe better for people how prefer landscape over action photography.


Beginners to more advanced, setting up Lightroom, creating catalogs and learning to organise and keyword your photos, editing and exporting. All features covered at any levels.


Difference between Lightroom and Photoshop, learning about layers and masks, destructive vs non-destructive editing and more. How it links into Lightroom and when you need to use it.

All tutoring sessions are tailored to your needs and designed to help you get on with your photos editing and improve your photography.

For more details, please visit my tutoring page.

Now Offering Affinity Photo Tuition

Now Offering Affinity Photo Tuition

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your photos or learn how to do composites, but couldn’t afford the cost of Photoshop or didn’t want to do a monthly subscription, then Affinity Photo is for you.

Affinity Photo is a low cost single price photo editing software package that offers very comparable features to Photoshop and the plus side is, I now offer tutoring on it!

As with all my tutoring, it can be tailored to your needs, so you can get the most out of my tutoring sessions. Theses sessions can also be offered via Zoom or FaceTime so your location is also no longer a factor.

I of course still offer my usual Lightroom and Photoshop tutoring.

Use the link below for more information and details.

Tutoring Vouchers for Christmas

Tutoring Vouchers for Christmas

If a friend or partner likes photography and you are struggling with a present idea for them, why not think about a tutoring session?

I offer gift vouchers for tutoring in Photography & Photo Editing using Lightroom or Photoshop.

Maybe they want to organise their photos, or have Lightroom and done understand it? Or just want to know what some of the setting on the camera are for?

My tutoring sessions are done at your location, or you can could an outdoor workshop.

Either way it is a great Christmas idea.

Tutoring & Workshops

Tutoring & Workshops

If you regularly visit my website or facebook page, you would know that I’m also a Tutor as well as Photographer.

I offer tutoring in photography and also editing or photograph management using Lightroom, Photoshop or your preferred piece of software.

My tutoring takes place at your location, and your level of ability. The sessions are 1-2 hours long and are tailored to what you want to learn.

I also run workshops on Dartmoor so you can learn more about using your camera out in a real environment. This is then followed up with an editing session to help you get the best from the photos you have taken.

Here is a photo from a recent workshop on Dartmoor.

Dartmoor Workshop Weekend

Dartmoor Workshop Weekend

I’ve been promoting this for a while now and last weekend it took place, The Photography Retreat Weekend with Retreats for you. An evening meal and chat, a day out on Dartmoor and morning of editing.

The weather had been teasing me all week leaning up to it, with rain and brilliant sunshine, making the day on Dartmoor a bit tricky to plan for. In the end it gave me sunshine, with a brief downpour but only at the end.

All of this did end up making for some dramatic skies.

We were on Merrivale and Foggintor, with great views.

ideal, for some panoramas…

The night before we had discussed our location and what we going to be seeing, where we were walking to, where we were stopping and an extra location if we had time.

Merrivale teased us and gave us a mixture of conditions, with clear and cloudy skies.

And cloudy skies, with rain in the distance, giving us some very dramatic scenes.

The day had been enjoyable and with the weather still holding, everyone wanted to see the extra location, Brentor Church. After a short drive we parked up and headed towards the church.

More dramatic clouds were looming.

After a quick view of the inside of the church, I had one last chance to get a great panorama before the heavens finally opened, briefly, but heavily!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed there day and were looking forward to the editing session the next morning.

If you would like to learn about more about my Tutoring Workshop, please visit my tutoring website.

Interesting First Quarter to the Year

Interesting First Quarter to the Year

It’s been an interesting start to the year.

On the tutoring front, I’ve continued Lightroon tuition, done some Mac basics sessions, more Lightroom & helped the same person with studio lighting setups & product shots and lastly fixed an email problem for a lady who’d been having problems for months.

With photography, I’ve done 2 maternity shoots, plus our own. A promotional shoot for an osteopath, lingerie shoots, bodyscapes, a couple ‘statues’ shoot and a fashion shoot!

What a great first quarter of the year! Looking forward to the next quarter.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

I have been tutoring people for over 20 years. I have taught individuals, small groups, large groups and taught for international companies.

Through all this time, I have taught many types of software, but all this is led to one thing. Being able to teach photography and photography related software.

When I started out on my own last year, I offered Lightroom and Photoshop tuition and now offer photography help to people who want to learn to use their camera in more than just the Auto mode.

I teach Lightroom to help people learn to organise there photos and be able to find ‘that photo’ instead of photos just buried on the disk in a folder and how to easily edit their photos in Lightroom too.

I teach Photoshop basics, how to use layers, edit, export and more, but at a simple level to help you learn.

All of my tuition is done at your pace in a non technical language that you understand at your home.

If any of this is of interest to you, please visit my Tutoring Pages to find out how I can help. Also take a look at my references to see what people say.

If you think you would like to learn more about photography, or related software, just drop me mail.