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Grape Pressing

Grape Pressing

Following on from my last post, I also hadn’t blogged about the grape pressing session that I was asked to document.

This really continued the #LifeofaGrape story line, after the harvest, the next step was the pressing process.

The smell of the grapes sitting in the vast containers was impressive,

The grapes had a stir or mix in these before being pouring into the vast drum,

The grapes were mixed up and compressed

With a grape liquid exiting the drum

This was just the next stage in the continued documenting of the year in the life of a vineyard.

If you click on the #LifeofaGrape link, you can view all the other stages and processes I documented through that year in the Vineyard.

Grape Harvest

Grape Harvest

I have recently realised that I never wrote a blog post about the vineyard harvest I took photo of during the year I documented a year on a vineyard. or as I called it, Life of a Grape!

So, better late the never, an September’s day in 2018 I was asked to come along to the vineyard and take photos of the harvest.

It was a nice day, but clouds were gathering, the team of volunteers having finished their tea and cakes got to work on harvesting. It was just one section of the vineyard that was being done that day, but there was plenty to do.

Grapes quickly filled their buckets, which in turn filled the crates…

These were then loaded on the the trailer to be brought into the barn…

and fed into the machines for de-stalking and then into large containers ready for the next stage..

The whole process was then repeated over and over again.

We managed to beat the weather and with the group of volunteers this section of the vineyard was harvested in just a few hours.

It was great to be able to witness this first hand to see and document the process for the vineyard. I then returned a few days later to document the pressing process.

Vineyard in the Summer

Vineyard in the Summer

Through the summer months I have been taking photos at the vineyard to show the grapes growing on the vines and ripening.

You can see how much the vines had been growing in early summer and the grapes progressing nicely.

Another visit was to capture the transitioning colours of the grapes, these were showing lovely leaf colours.

and a lot had fully turned too

Next visit will show the harvesting of the grapes

In the Vineyard

In the Vineyard

Being a photographer means you get to photograph many different things, from people, to products and sometimes, products before they become the product!

Yesterday I was out in a Vineyard in north Devon photographing vines, no grapes or even leaves, just the bare vines as the grapes start a journey from vine to bottle.

It was a wet and drizzling day, with clouds and haze in the distance, but hey, it’s January!

Follow the trip of the grapes with me as the vines grow their grapes and grapes turn in to wine.