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A Visit to Meeth

A Visit to Meeth

Once again, I seem to have been too busy to write blog posts.

I’ve been more busy with family-life than work, but I’ve still been doing lots of work too! From photographing Electric cars, to B&Bs, Lightroom Demos and Online Tutoring. Anyway, I managed to escape from kid sitting and work and get out for a little bit of time to get some wildlife photos.

So, I sent myself off to the local nature reserve.

Meeth is a disused quarry which has been turned into a nature reserve. It’s a bit of a walk to get to the lake and quite tricky to see the main lake as well, but along the path there is plenty to see.

I found this Gatekeeper feeding on a thistle.

I was heading to the bird hide at the end of the path, as you get good views of the dragonflies flying around.

Keeping a look around I found some lovely flowers near the ground, so I set-up to watch the flowers and a few minutes later my patience paid off.

On reaching the hide, I stayed to watch the dragonflies flying around and have a bit of lunch, then worked my way back to the car. Just a short visit.

Common Blue

Common Blue

I managed to get out with the camera yesterday and headed to farnham park in search of insects!

It great there this time of year, there are long grasses intermingled with buttercups and other wild flowers. The grasses are about half a metre high!

Trying to find butterflies is however a bit tricky, or should that be getting to and getting a good view is tricky! You see them flitting around near the ‘path’ areas through the grass then then fly deeper into the grasses with no way or getting to them.

Something kept telling me to head towards one of the ponds, so I listened to the ‘voice’ and was greeted with a Common Blue’ butterfly flitting around in the path grasses in front of me.

Trying then to get a view from far enough back without any grasses in the way was difficult. Each time I move the butterfly flew away, but staying still, each time it came back to within a few feet of before.

So this is what I ended up with. I would have liked to see a little bit more of the side and without the piece of grass, but considering this was on the ground not on the top of a piece of grass I guess it is ok.

Even more Success

Even more Success

Today some Starlings visited the bird table, the new food most be working!!

I got this great close up of one of the Starlings

Starlings may be regarded as nuisance birds, but their colouring is really quite amazing

Bird Photography Continues

Bird Photography Continues

After my first attempts at setting up a perch in the garden to photograph the birds, which got a good result, I had changed the perch to a more natural looking twig, it was a laurel twig before, but that’s where the success stopped. The birds didn’t seem to like it! Strange, as it was part of a tree branch!

Anyway, I persisted with the twig and today bought some more seed and some mealworms (expensive!). Within about 20 mins I had birds on the perch! I also put a ‘cage’ over the bird table to allow the small birds in, but keep the pigeons out!

I initially got sparrows, but then got a juvenile robin and suddenly the parent landed to feed it. It was a rushed shot, but actually managed to capture the moment!

So a couple a good photos today!

New Big Cat Images

New Big Cat Images

I have now started to upload some new Big Cats photos from the photographic day on bank holiday Monday at the Cat Survival Trust.

Here is a teaser

To see more and follow what new ones I might add, please view the Big Cat Gallery, oh, and they are all now retina quality images for the iPad.

I have also made a change that allows the image to be bigger if you have a large screen. That was one of the first changes I made of buying the large screen mac!

Bird on a Perch continued…

Bird on a Perch continued…

After my initially success on day 1 of setting up the perch, day 2 also was successful.

Since then though, I have changed the perch, to be more like a tree branch instead of the piece of laurel bush and my results have been a bit more hit and miss. I have managed to get a photo of a Robin but the composition wasn’t as good, so maybe now they are scared of it.

Anyway, I’m sticking with it as the perch looks good and hopefully soon get some good results.

Bird on a Perch

Bird on a Perch

I wanted to try and do some bird photography in the garden again, but wanted to try and get better background, and similar shots to some I’d seen on the web.

This meant creating a custom bird perch, but firstly getting the birds entised to that spot.

So I headed off to the garden centre to buy a basic tray bird table. Once I had this, I needed to find a branch, not too difficult and a way to stand it, tricky!

I found an off-cut of a laruel bush and a table umbrella stand, perfect!

So, food on the table, the stand and branch next to it, check the setup and background, now wait! And wait… a couple of hours later, I was asked if anything had landed on it, nope, but then, yes, a Blue Tit!

I got 5 shots, this was number 3!


Its a good start, it was looking into the picture, back to the branch, but considering it was the only bird to land on it, that I saw and photographed, I was pleased!

You can watch my progress here! Garden Bird Gallery

A Marwell Visit

A Marwell Visit

A couple of week ago we had to take a friend back to Southampton Airport early in the morning.  This mean’t that we to get there for 8am.  So what can you do at 8am on a Sunday morning.  Not much but we decided to head towards Marwell as it had been over a year since our last visit.

Ater stopping off on route we got to Marwell at 9:15 still way too early!

Marwell hadn’t changed too much in the last year. The Amur Leopards where still playing hard to get, the Tigers and Desert Cats were non-existent and the Snow Leopard where fast asleep at the back of the enclosure!

I did however manage to get this by walking up around the back of the enclosure where I was just able to see its head above the rock.

Snow Leopard: Marwell
Choosing Images

Choosing Images

Today is the camera club again and time to choose which image to put in the exhibition.

I need 12, and so far I have come up with:

and some others that aren’t shown on this site.