A Marwell Visit

A Marwell Visit

A couple of week ago we had to take a friend back to Southampton Airport early in the morning.  This mean’t that we to get there for 8am.  So what can you do at 8am on a Sunday morning.  Not much but we decided to head towards Marwell as it had been over a year since our last visit.

Ater stopping off on route we got to Marwell at 9:15 still way too early!

Marwell hadn’t changed too much in the last year. The Amur Leopards where still playing hard to get, the Tigers and Desert Cats were non-existent and the Snow Leopard where fast asleep at the back of the enclosure!

I did however manage to get this by walking up around the back of the enclosure where I was just able to see its head above the rock.

Snow Leopard: Marwell

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