Photoshop – Blurring Background

Photoshop – Blurring Background

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In this example, I covered background blurring. This lovely photo of a Jackdaw, was sitting on a perch that was one a couple of feet from the hedge. It gave a nice green background, but I wasn’t happy with the DOF in the photo. Ideally, the perch should have been further from the hedge, but thesis not always possible.

Like many photographers, I prefer to do it in camera if possible, but these days, many many photos are edited, so it’s good to know how to do some of these things.

In Photoshop, I have cutout the subject from the background and used Content-Aware Fill to fill the space, then used field blur to add extra blur to the background.

I think the result is better than the original but has kept a natural look in the photo.

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