2 New HDR Images

2 New HDR Images

Last night, feeling a bit fed up, I decided to look through some more of my Isle of Wight images to see what I could turn into HDRs.

After looking through a few, I selected 2 and created a couple of processed images.

When saving the second photo, I noticed that the filename started with an underscore. They normally are IMG_0001.jpg etc.. but this one was _MG_0001.jpg. I quickly checked the other and it was the same.

Whilst this is not an issue, we have noticed that Nats camera saves images starting with underscore, mine doesnt. It a good way of identifying photos if we save them to one location.

This is what had happened when we were on that trip. I only had my harddrive so we saved them to that.

So, thinking I was creating my HDRs I had inadvertently processed 2 of Nat images. So I still didnt create any new HDR images of my own last night! 🙁

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