My First HDR

My First HDR

I have been looking at HDR (High Dynamic Range) images for a while now but never actually created one. There are same brilliant HDR images on the web, but also I find that some just look over done and look more like paintings.

I guess that is ok, and they look interesting and different. I suppose it is what you want to get out of the image, what effect you are looking for.

At the moment I am just trying it to get more detail out of the photos and nothing more, although I have 2 images which will be posted soon that look a little more processed.

On walking to the local shop yesterday the lighting looked so good I thought I’d trying creating my first HDR from scratch. Typically, by the time I got back home, grabbed the camera, and headed out again, the light had gone!

Still, thought I’d try it out in dull light and it is meant to do well there too!

So I just took a plain normal shot, nothing special.

Uploaded the photo to the PC and downloaded a Demo of PhotoMatrix (hence the watermarks on the image)

Although the 3 image required for creating the HDR were taken in the space of 1 second, the tool still couldn’t quite align them, so gives a slightly ghosted effect. I think other images on the web have the same problem, hence the effect seem on some of these. Practice!

So, here it is!

My first HDR

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