Another Instagram’d HDR

Another Instagram’d HDR

When I went to the War & Peace show, I took many images. A few weeks ago I thought I’d try an experiment with one of the photos.

Firstly I’d created my HDR image, then I thought I’d send it to my phone and run it through Instagram. Instagram has some great filters, and its so easy to use, but it does have one major draw back. Your resulting image ends back being a lot smaller in resolution size. The final image is then only really good for web or printing small.

However the result was really good and even with the resolution being less then the original it is still good enough for coaster. Of course Instagram images are square too!

Here was the result

I posted it to Flickr, and it seemed to be instantly like.

Last week a created a second. I think I’ll create a set for use in my coasters.


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