Spring has Arrived

Spring has Arrived

So finally the rain has stopped and Spring seems to have arrived. As it looked like the whole weekend was going to be nice, we actually managed to plan what we wanted to do and headed off to the British Wildlife Centre.

This was a good opportunity to test the camera out on wildlife. I haven’t taken any wildlife photos in a long time, so it was a bit of a challenge trying to get the shots I wanted.

The first problem was that not many of the animals were playing ball and secondly the lighting was also quite harsh, this was a real problem during the Owl flying session.

So what did I manage to get?

I got a nice side on photo of the Scottish Wildcat

I have also managed to improve on my Harvest Mouse photo, which I was really pleased with.

As well as getting some nice lighting with the Badgers, although positioning of me and the Badgers proves a bit tricky!

As I said above, the lighting for the Owl display, was either nice sunshine or looking directly into the sun! As I hadn’t been to this one before it was hit and miss as to where to sit and the Owl were also flying behind a big oak tree that was in the middle of the arena. So I really struggled and didn’t get much. I got a lovely shot of the Long Eared Owl on a tree log an interesting highly back lit shot of the Barn Owl and just about this shot of the Tawny in flight.

One of the most interesting photos was actually taken in the car park of these Herons.

I also managed to get a nice photo of a Marsh frog, an Otter as sleep and a Squirrel chewing on someones jumper. I would have like to get more, especially with the flying, but I guess it was the best I could have hoped for really.

So it was a lovely day, but a little frustrating from a photography point of view.

I did meet a young lady how was taking a photography course and asked a few questions, so it was good to be able to help her out and I hope she got some shot that she was pleased with.

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