LOP CV Photo Challenge Wk 7 – In the Garden

LOP CV Photo Challenge Wk 7 – In the Garden

Wow, I’m finding that the weeks in lockdown are actually going by quite quickly. Once again it’s another Sunday and time to set another challenge.

So, in theory, the weather should be getting nicer, so I thought I’d make you get into the garden, or out on your daily exercise see what you can find

There should be lots of flowers just opening up, these you could find on your exercise.

In the Garden, you might find some insects

or flowers

Hopefully the wind will stay low and things keep still enough for you.

This should be a relatively straight forward challenge for you, give you a bit of fresh air and see what you can find

Happy shooting and remember to use the hashtag #lopcvphotochallenge in any social media platform.

Past challenges and results can be viewed here.

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