LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 5 – Macro

LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 5 – Macro

This week I’ve gone for something a little more out of my comfort zone. Macro.

Although I have shoot Macro, I have a Love Hate relationship with it. I find myself getting mixed results, so normally don’t do too much of it.

However, I know you can get great images and very creative ones too!

So, try shooting everyday items that you might use, or raid the kitchen, there are lots of interesting item there!

Hopefully the sunny weather will be back and we can get in the garden,

and start chasing insects again, and getting 100s of blurred photos! But hopefully, get the odd Wow shot too!

Let’s see your creativity and I hope to just improve some of my macro work.

Happy shooting and remember to use the hashtag #lopcvphotochallenge

Past challenges and results can be viewed here.

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