LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 6 – In The Kitchen

LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 6 – In The Kitchen

Wow, I’m finding that the weeks in lockdown are actually going by quite quickly. Once again it’s another Sunday and time to set another challenge.

I found choosing this one a little tricky. It maybe overlaps a little with some other weeks, but it should then also allow you to get creative.

So, week 6, In the Kitchen. Anything goes that’s in the kitchen!

I had a root around my 100,000 photos for examples and couldn’t really find any that related to ‘In the Kitchen’ apart from my Soup photos from 2 weeks ago.

So, I quickly grabbed a few bits and took some shoots as examples.

Hopefully this will give a good diverse arena for some interesting subjects.

Happy shooting and remember to use the hashtag #lopcvphotochallenge in any social media platform.

Past challenges and results can be viewed here.

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