New Galleries

New Galleries

I have decided to split out my HDR images from the existing galleries.

I’ve done this for 2 reasons. I feel HDR is a different type of photography, with more PC processing and potientially more vibrant results (although that is not always the case).

So I felt that my growing collection of HDR images deserved a gallery section all of its on. An HDR link will appear on the home page to access it soon. Then there will be subsections inside it to separate galleries.  EG Venice, Landscape & and new section called National Trust.  Some HDR images from holidays will also remain in the main Europe section.

I have also taken this opportunty to revamp and modernize the format and the way the images are presented. It now uses the clever lightbox feature & some snazzy JQuery functions. Lightbox is used by many other websites, but I hope I have managed to put my own style on it.

I know some people liked my existing design, but it used frames and had lots of individual pages, so it would be nice to get some feedback on these new galleries when they go live. Hopefully they are easier to use.  I will eventually update the other galleries. A big task!

I’ll let you know when its live!

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