An Apology

An Apology

I guess I must apologise. I haven’t really added any new photos to my website recently, despite actually taking quite a few nice ones a couple of weeks ago. I will do it soon.
I have added some to my flickr account but not on here. I have also been busy working on some new craft items, like the Owl mousemats shown below.

I have also just added some new navigation links to my gallery sections. This is after noticing that someone had accessed my site looking for Snow Leopard Mousemats, and the search engine had linked to the Mammals sections and not the gift section. While that actually contained Snow Leopards, it doesn’t mention mousemats, or any links to the gift pages.

I had been thinking about how to add these gifts links for a while and wanted to add them to the image pages, but that is really to much work.

So, there is now a slight change on how the navigation works in the galleries. The Home icon has been removed from the top level gallery (still on individual pages) and is replaced by, Homepage, Gift Items, Latest and Guestbook links on the top right. These should be clearer, and more obvious in their actions.

Please let me know what you think.

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