HSCC Grand Prix at Brands Hatch

HSCC Grand Prix at Brands Hatch

I find myself in a lucky position. My Dad is an ex-formula 1 mechanic and over the past few years he has made connections again with some of his old mechanic friends.

This means that he occasionally gets to go to interesting events and I get to tag along!

A few weeks ago I was at Williams, admiring their F1 Museum collection!

Yesterday, we got a day out at the HSCC Historic Superprix, with full paddock access and grandstand tickets. Very nice.

So, it was time to dig out the old big lens and go and try and shoot something fast!

We started in the paddock, so time to get some great close ups and listen to some real noise from the 50s! The Coopers, which was my Dad team were there, along with a few Lotus, and a wonderful Ferrari, that was once driven by Phil Hill and many other cars.

Then it was out on track and time to see if I could still photograph something quicker than a fast moving toddler.

Where we were standing there was a good view of Paddock Hill Bend at the end of the start straight, which meant I got some nice photos of the first corner. Luckily no accidents, but we did have a couple of spinners.

Then I got close to the fence and tried my panning skills. I wanted to be as close to the fence as possible, to help remove the fence pattern that could appear in the photos. With the act of panning, this also helped and I got some great closeup fast moving action shoots.

I’ve also processed the photos in an old style, some in black and white, and some with a old photo effect to add to the mood of the event.

You can view more photos from the day on my Motorsport Gallery

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