A Mixed Week

A Mixed Week

Hmm, what a mixed week.

It started on Sunday, I had a maternity photo viewing session, I turn my computer on, and it hung. Not good, viewing was in half an hour.

Luckily they were a bit late, and I got the machine going again. It was starting to hang everyday ever since I’d installed Yosemite.

Monday, I had the first shoot of a maternity stage multiple shoot. This was good fun. It’s the second stages shoot I’ve done, they don’t come around very often. It’s also relative short as you don’t do all the shots that you’d do in a standard maternity shoot.

After the shoot, I started up the machine to upload the photos, it hung! I rebooted and got a flashing folder icon. Apparently this means Hard Disk failure! Great!!

Luckily I had Apple Care, so they will fix it.

Tuesday, feeling a bit lost with no machine and wondering what I might have lost. Important stuff is not on there, but there is always something that you end up losing!

I was browsing a website that evening and noticed they had adult learning sessions going on all week at a local community centre. They had a photography session. I drop them a quick mail to ask if there was anything I could do for them in the future. I got a reply, saying ‘you could be the answer to my prays!’ Apparently their photographer had dropped out, so we desperately needed a replacement.

Wednesday, a Photo Shop training session followed by a trip to the Apple Store to get the Mac sorted.

They plugged it in and ran a test, a big red FAILED appeared on the screen. Yep, hard disk failure.

Thursday, I had the photography session to do at the community centre. There was only 2 people in it unfortunately, but it meant they got 1-2-1! It was good to do some classroom training again. Maybe there will be the opportunity to do some more in future.

Friday, a free day, trying to work of other bits without of course my machine. I’ll be kids sitting later so no doubt we’ll probably end up on the play station at some point. Of course there is also F1 practice and Queens Club tennis!

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