What do you do with your Photos?

What do you do with your Photos?

Everyone these days take 1000s of photos. Gone are the days of film when you just took 24 or 36 photos. With digital cameras and smartphones, you can take 24 photos just like that!

So, what do you do with them?

Do you share them on Facebook, post them to Instagram, or use an app to get them printed?

Whether you take them on your digital camera, or smartphone, the problem of what to do with the images still exists.

Memories are important, so that makes these photos important. Taking a photo and capturing the memory is one thing, leaving that photo on your computer or phone, never to be seen again is another.

I personally have around 75,000 photos that I have taken, excluding photos for customers, but I don’t have 75,000 printed photos. However, I have made photo books, canvases, framed prints and collages, used photos as backdrops on my phone and mac, created digital slideshows of places I’ve been, all in an attempt to make the photos I’ve taken easily accessible and to be seen every day.

So, it’s worth thinking about. We all love photos, love looking back at old family photos, old holiday photos, photo from our grand parents and so on, for our Kids it will be very much a digital photo album, but it’s important not to just rely on our digital devices for our memories. Print! Print big, put lovely canvases on the walls and create photo book of your memories.

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