Whoosh It’s 2015!

Whoosh It’s 2015!

Well it’s 2015, doesn’t time just keep flying! Its quite worrying just where the months and years go and before long you’re another year older.

This is why photography is so important. It a way of capturing the now for the future. Capture the special moment to look back on.

If you’ve just had a baby, in 4 shorts weeks it’s a month old, and that time has then gone forever. Capture those moments with photos and memories, and not just on your phone or on the computer, but get photos printed and put onto canvas.

image by Natalie
Photo by Natalie

If you get married, those memories are always captured well as part of the wedding process. But after the wedding, if you are having a child, capture those pregnancy moments too and follow it up with newborn photos.

These stages are then followed with family portraits, fun or formal, its up to you, but get them photographed to, not just for you but for when your children grow up and have children of their own. In the past photos only existed on paper or slides, but now with digital file and computers, many of the memories never get seen, let alone put into albums.

image by Natalie

We offer many great portrait packages starting at just £50. Visit our portrait page for information on our portrait prices and packages.

Treasure your memories, remember your memories, but get them photographed, get the printed and put them on the wall.

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