Common Blue

Common Blue

I managed to get out with the camera yesterday and headed to farnham park in search of insects!

It great there this time of year, there are long grasses intermingled with buttercups and other wild flowers. The grasses are about half a metre high!

Trying to find butterflies is however a bit tricky, or should that be getting to and getting a good view is tricky! You see them flitting around near the ‘path’ areas through the grass then then fly deeper into the grasses with no way or getting to them.

Something kept telling me to head towards one of the ponds, so I listened to the ‘voice’ and was greeted with a Common Blue’ butterfly flitting around in the path grasses in front of me.

Trying then to get a view from far enough back without any grasses in the way was difficult. Each time I move the butterfly flew away, but staying still, each time it came back to within a few feet of before.

So this is what I ended up with. I would have liked to see a little bit more of the side and without the piece of grass, but considering this was on the ground not on the top of a piece of grass I guess it is ok.

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