Gin Gift Hampers

Gin Gift Hampers

A couple of weeks after my Gin Product Photos I got another call from Gotland Gin. Was I free to do another shoot for them and how quick could I get them done. Ideally 4 days!

Ok, I was luckily in-between jobs and they delivered the items that day, on the Saturday. So, Sunday morning I set to. Gotland Gin wanted to show off the new hampers but also their eco packaging.

First up was just the single bottles of Gin in a festive style.

When I create product photos with props, I also like to vary the photo a little bit but keep it in the same style. It makes for a nicer presentation on the customer webpages.

In this a movement of the props, but I also created unique snowflakes for each photo.

Next up, the hampers..

The wood shavings went everywhere 🙂

Then the big one… So many items, what a lovely hamper!

Finally some smaller gin selection boxes.

This time I actual kept the setup the same and the products themselves made enough of a change.

Finally, the triple pack. I slight change the the background and using the lovely Gotland Gin ribbon.

So, if you have products that require photos for your website or social media, be it standard or festive, please get in touch for a free non-obligation quote.

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