Another Very Rare Cat

Another Very Rare Cat

The Iberian Lynx, is now said to be the world rarest cat.  I was surprised as the Amur Leopard was, with only about 35 in the wild, where as in 2005 there were 150 Lynx and now nearly 300.  So for me, these figures just dont add up.  On On more investigation is seems to say it is the rarest cat species.

Unusually, these animals are not in some far flung land like, China, or Siberia but actually on our door step.  They live just a short trip away in Portugal and Spain!

The usual issues are to blame for its decline, habitat loss, poaching and disease outbreak in its food chain.

It looks like the measures they are putting in place has increased its numbers, but considering the numbers were at 5000 in the sixes, they have a long way to go.  Other options are translocation to different areas to combat any environmental changes that are happening.

I dont have any images of it unfortunately, so you have to look at it on Wikipedia

It seems that there is a re-introduction program of Amur Leoapard from captive cubs happening in Russia to create a secondary population in a nature reserve.

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