Looking Back

Looking Back

I’ve been looking back at some of my blogs entries in 2006 & 2007.  It seems I had a lot to write about back then with an entry going in nearly every day.

Things were different then and I was writing alot as I knew I had a friend or 2 reading regularly.

I dont seem to be able to think of things to write about these days so easily.  Maybe its because I have a lot more going on and no real need to write here.  My apologies to anyone who still looks here in the hope to reading something of interest, I do try…

There should be some interesting bits coming up very soon and I’ll try and post a bit more if I can.   I have just been too busy with things and not having the ideas to talk about here.

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One Reply to “Looking Back”

  1. Hi Lee,

    I am still checing out your blog from time to time 🙂

    I hope you are well and enjoying life?

    You have my e-mail address if you want to drop me a line.

    Take care

    Julie x

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