New Year, New Resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions

At this time of year we all try to set New Years Resolutions.  Sadly we never really are able to keep to most of them and as the year goes on, we probably can’t even remember them!

I haven’t really set myself any specific task as this year I think will be extra busy, more than usual.

I still have many things to do around the house and many bits to sort out in time for April.

However I hope that as well as the new challenges we have this year, that we can also progress with our photography and improve our websites.  I’d like to get paypal integrated to my site, and improve Natarts framing site to.
We have 2 main open studio events this year, Surrey Artist and Hampshire Artisits.  Also there are the regular Maltings events and with any luck, and enough time, there may be some bigger events as well.

I also hope to get more practice in the studio, having been given a few remote triggers for our studio lights!  We gave them a test at the weekend and they worked well.  I also recieved coloured elements to, so we could have some creative image aswell.

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