I.T, Dont you just love it!

I.T, Dont you just love it!

I think 2 of the most annoying IT problems you can have are, Printing issues, and Internet/Emailing issues.

Well last night I had the latter!

After having months of trouble free email and internet issues, last night they hit in anger.

Its always the way, just when you really need or want to do something Murphy reminds you of his law!

I had a problem that any email I tried to send from this domain, LeoPhot****hy, was instantly being blocked.  I had also recent heard that some people had found my emails being marked as incoming spam. Please make sure my domain (whole domain, including dot com) is in your SAFE list so my mails dont end up in the bin.

Now, I know a bit about IT, having taught it, and been working in it for 10 years, but do you think I could get the mail to go! After 40 frustrating minutes, really wanting to send a mail, I had to resort to using the web client instead. 

I think I now have the solution and will test it again tonight, so hopefully I can send mails again.  But please remember the SAFE senders list.

So whats next.  Well I am finalising some craft items in preparation for the next Alton Craft fair on the 8th July.  I have lots of new photos, and will be posting them on the website in the next few days.

The weather outlook for the weekend is good, so who knows, more photos perhaps?

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