Moon Composite

Moon Composite

The weather this year just hasn’t been conducive to doing any Astrophotography. However, the other I did get 2 nights in February where I was able to get a couple of photographs of the Moon.

This then gave me a chance to try some editing that I had wanted to do for a while. It was creating a composite moon. I first created a Crescent Moon composite.

The composite allow you to see a crescent moon, but as a whole moon, with the bright crescent and not just the crescent itself. It’s unusual as you would never see it in this way due to the contrasts of light and dark areas created by the suns light.

This then inspired me to have a go at a full moon, using images from different moon phases that bring out the details in the craters. Again, this is something you would see across the whole of the moon due to lack of shadows with the sun being directly pointing at it.

I then added the processing to bring out the mineral colours in the moon.

I have to admit, I didn’t expect the result of the processing as previous attempts have looked less colourful. So I was quite pleased with this!

You can see more of my Astrophotography in my gallery below.

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