Digitising Slides, from the Red Box!

Digitising Slides, from the Red Box!

As a kid I grew up with motorsport in my blood. My Granddad was an F1 mechanic as was my Dad. I’ve listened to the stories, we have photo albums of F1 cars & mechanics and of course seen photos of both Dad & Granddad in books.

When I was younger, we had (and still do) a red box of slides. Many of them were of me as a baby, but in this box is another red box and this was the interesting one.

I used to like as a kid looking through the smaller red box, in there were slides of a Cooper F1 that had been in a crash and was being rebuilt, there was a Can-Am Lola showing it being built and doing a test run and 2 Surtees TS5 cars.

So, what better job could I have then digitising these slides. I’ve spent the afternoon, going through the slides and photographing them, then processing them on the Mac to create digital images.

Here are some examples.

As you can see, these have kept their character, but are now digital for easier use.

The Red Box, will still have it memories, but the photos are not out for easy viewing!

So, if you know of anyone who has slides and would like them turned into digital images, please contact me for a cost.

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