Business, School and Maternity Photos

Business, School and Maternity Photos

In the last 3 day we’ve had 3 photo shoots!

It started with a long delayed business portrait. An old work colleague had seen my offer on business portraits for previous Nokia & NSN people and booked in a session. He had booked it back in January, but then had it delayed due to a football match incident, that sidelined them for six weeks. He wasn’t even playing.

Then next, I had a phone call from a previous customer asking if I could re-shoot a school portrait for them. I was happy to oblige and we did a short session for them, from which they got 4 great images of their Daughter in her school uniform.

Lastly, on Saturday, I had my second of my volunteer for the Maternity shoots. This time we were trying out some different lighting and a great new purple silky wrap. She also brought along her 2 year old daughter and husband, so we got some nice family maternity photo for them, which are also great for the portfolio.

So, it was a busy week. Earlier I’d also had another Lightroom training session. So we had one of everything in 1 week.

On top of this, we also managed to get the waiting area in the studio completed, which now looks really good and opens up some space for anyone accompanying someone having a photo shoot.

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