Portraits of Me!

Portraits of Me!

I wanted to get a new profile photo of me for the portrait website.

This poses a bit of a problem. Our remote trigger doesn’t play nicely with our lights, in fact it only triggers the camera and not the lights at all! So, I had to enlist Nat to take the shots for me. I spent about 20 minutes tweaking the lights, trying to get the type of lighting I wanted, all the time setting the timer and getting back in the pose to test it, but when Nat started taking photos, we had to do some more tweaking and add an extra light in too!

We wanted a strong light with some drop off on one side and although not quite as dramatic as I had in mind the result looked good!

We took quite a few photos playing with lights, then composition, and the seating position felt quite strange but it gave the desired affect.

Here are a couple of the many shots we took leading to the final choice.

and here is the one I choose as the final image.

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