3 Photo Shoots, 6 Days

3 Photo Shoots, 6 Days

Last week was a busy week.

We had a phone call from a friend of a friend asking if it was possible to do a Hair Style photo shoot the next day. We could, so did! That was photo shoot was good fun and we got some great shots.

A couple of days later we had another photo shoot at Fawley Hill Steam Extravaganza, this was for The Flying Ducks. We had the challenge of photographing the 2 vans side by side, showing the vans, but also reflecting how busy the event was, but still see the vans in their all their glory. Lots of shoots, lots of angles, with people without people, then photographing our kids, with the ice creams from Sunshine. It was a hot day, so we had to work quite, but ended up with some great shots!

The final photo shoot was a couple of days later at The Packhouse in Farnham, photographing some of their many antiques for their newsletter. We spent a couple of hours there picking out and photographing items on their list. Its a great place to be and so many great things to photograph.

It was a busy 6 days, with interesting and varied photo shoots. Each one with its own challenge but all with great results and happy customers!

Here are a couple of photos from the Hair shoot.

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