1 Week 2 Designs

1 Week 2 Designs

I seem to have had an inspired week. Firstly I created a new tank mousemat. This was inline with my patriotic creations of flagged designs. It started last week with the Spitfire and Union Flag design from which I created 4 designs. I have wanted to create one with a British tank for a while and I just had bit inspiration earlier in the week and created this!

We have been doing a lot of work inline with a World War project and so the second design was again a moment of inspiration whilst looking at a coaster of a Sopwith Pup.

I created a WWI air battle scene using the Sopwith and photos of a Fokker DR1. Then using Lightroom to age it and Topaz to add detail, this created a nice air battle.

I have added them to the mousemat pages

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